What is going on with @cheetah

2년 전

In recent posts I received a reply from @cheetah. But I can't see that reply under my post either. I have to read this content on steemd.com .

What is going on with @cheetah or my account has a problem?

Hum! I am using a smartphone and not convenient for understanding the problem. Please!



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cheetah is spamming you against steemit, so that you change your mind and turned to the Hive blog. steemit 'authorities' in their turn, censor these posts and erase all users who try to do so. it is a war inbetween.

Oh a warning from cheetah! Now I can read and understand that the way of warning has changed. Hum :)

it isnt a problem with YOUR account.


Thanks for your feedback. I really don't know anything. Your information is helpful to me.
Have a great weekend @qwerrie


oh! I just checked: https://peakd.com/@haccolong/posts
are you really not in the know of the Steem / Hive collision?

the most active part of users (lead by witnesses) left Steem (forked of it) to make another blockchain, without the TRON/Justin Sun, who did the 'hostile takeover' on the chain. all the funds / posts / delegations etc were mirrored to the new blockchain.

now you can decide if you want to go on here, to focus on Steemit, or sit on 2 chairs at once. but note, communities decided to go, not to stay here.

all the best!