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Before I go into detail on water contaminants I want to show you how to find out WTF is in your water. However, read the whole post, because I'm going to recommend a quick, natural fix for getting healthy drinking water (:

Do a web search: "(Your City Here) Water Report"

That should bring up your local utilities report on what is in your water, and where it comes from.

This is actually more vital than ever! Chances are, you don't live in Vienna, Austria, where the tap water is pristine alpine spring water, completely untouched by human hands. Chances are, you live in a city that actually adds extra toxins back into the already-toxic water. This is just unfortunately how things go when there is a multi-billion dollar lobbying industry selling poison to dumb the masses down. We heard you were thirsty... How about some drugs?

YES, there can even be drugs in your water, from 2 separate routes. Route 1 is the drug being consumed and then urinated into the water supply. Route 2 is the drug being actually dumped (i.e. flushed) into the water system. These tiny molecules are very hard for cities to filter.

The #1 drug in most water supplies is birth control, due to it's widespread usage. Don't worry, I'll make a post about birth control, too!

However, you can only imagine how many people have flushed OTHER drugs down into the water supply, due to the war on drugs. That is probably the first thing people attempt to do in a situation where they might get caught. Simply speculating here.

There are many other things that can be in the water supplies, also. Some people call tap water Chemical Soup, because it can literally be filled with chemicals. This can be added things like Fluoride and Chlorine, which are added, and also things like pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, industrial pollutants, heavy metals, micro-organisms, etc.

One thing that I recently tried that I really like is Auro Liquid Gold. Here is there website:

This is basically a super-potent mineral solution which helps to pull dissolved particulates and contaminants out of the solution, supplying it with a hefty amount of minerals, and a very interesting, almost-electric taste. These minerals are extracted from highly mineral-rich volcanic rock, which is pretty interesting! They are also a small business, trying to help the world just like myself, so they are worth supporting!

And also, keep in mind, the skin is our largest organ! So try to keep in mind the water that is contacting your skin is absorbing things just like if you drank it. So try to keep the shower-time short, if you live in a highly polluted area; other little things like that will help keep your overall contaminant levels at a minimum (:

Please keep in mind that this is and always will be a FREE exchange of knowledge and ideas, so feel free to comment your thoughts!

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The most delicious water in all of Europe!



I hate how they give us fluoride toothpaste and fluoride stuff they put all over your teeth when you go to the dentist too.