Check-Mate to Other Social Activities

11개월 전

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Since the Steem blockchain became a centralized, top-down dominated place, where control and censorship thrive, I have decided to move my content. Don't worry, though, all my posts and up and doing well on the decentralized Hive blockchain. Come and check it out!

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Fascinating read! Thx for posting.
Also, if you happen to be looking for a new board game, I cannot recommend weiqi/Go/Baduk highly enough..
I used to play chess for years, and my wife and I would play a lot when we were first going out.

Since we discovered go in 2015, we haven't played a game of chess...
It honestly is part of my spiritual practice.


Ooooh, thanks for reminding me: about four years ago a friend introduced me to GO and for a while I was completely fascinated by that game. Haven't played since, though, so it's time to get back into it.


Wow.. What wonderful news, the world can use more go players in these times.. If you're serious I have a ton of resources, a couple of great YouTube channels, and would love a game sometime, if you're ever interested.
And if Alan has never played, maybe he'd be interested. There are a few chess grandmasters who converted to go when they discovered the game..