Ruamchok Cafe -Chiang Mai: Unbeatable happy hour

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Happy hour is something that many places in the west have made illegal and while I am sure they have their reasons mostly I don't get it. In Thailand you can do basically whatever you want as far as booze specials are concerned and even though I no longer get drunk very often, a special like this one brings out the irresponsible 20 year old in me.


I don't suppose you really need to be able to read Thai to understand that but basically it is $6 for all you can drink in two hours. I don't normally drink very much these days but last night, i am quite certain that Ruamchok Cafe lost money on me. A large bottle of Thai beer (Leo, Chang, Singha, Tiger - which isn't even a Thai beer) can normally be procured for 100 baht or so. I stopped counting after about the 8th glass but i easily had 5 large bottles in the 2 hours. It's actually a pretty nice place too.

don't even think about ordering a beer whilst standing

They had a menu filled with really nice looking foodstuffs too. I ordered 2 things because I was starting to feel bad about the fact that I was definitely there to abuse the happy hour system.


I don't even particularly like oysters either, but they said they were from Korea and that caught my eye, because if there is one thing that Korea is known for, it's oysters (just kidding, i wanted the kimchi). I also ordered some japanese steak stuff that I forgot the name of but both dishes were nice and had a fantastic presentation.


Overall, i would say that Ruamchok Cafe is a substantially nicer establishment than i would normally attend, and it was only at the suggestion of my 2 pals who have a car that I ended up going here at all. (consequently, in the car it took much much longer to get there than if i had just ridden my bicycle there.)

All in all, i would say that I will definitely return to this place the next time i feel like getting drunk (which isn't often because now i feel like crap today - first hangover in a while.)

It's near enough to the tourist part of town and they have a band. It's also in a shopping mall of sorts so you could get some supplies i suppose because going grocery shopping while blackout drunk is always a wonderful experience.

location including GPS coords

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