Chibera - Auction House SMT Currency [Tokens]

2년 전

Chibera's official auction house currency used to trade items with each other in the crypto backed auction house market. Will be officially called "Tokens" and within the next few days we'll be posting the distribution plans for them.


Our SMT "TOKENS" will be used to bridge the gap between in-game currency and the real world. Our primary goal for it is to be used on the auction house to allow our players to buy in-game items with our SMT. You’ll be able to buy all the same items for the SMT as you will be able to buy for gold, silver, and copper.

We also plan to implement a feature that will allow players to trade SMTs for gold, silver, and copper directly. But this will not be us selling those items. This will be a pure free market decision made by the player that feel they can sell their gold while gaining SMTs for it and by the people who prefer to buy it. We do not want to sell gold directly as we feel that could cause the game to become Pay 2 Win. Instead, it will be limited by the number of gold people are willing to grind out and sell.

Yes, our SMT will be an SMT. This we believe to be fairly obvious. At this moment we cannot give you any really specific numbers until the new next post, like what we plan the supply to be, whether it will be an airdrop, or whether it will be tradable for just Steem or for SBDs for both Steem and SBDs or even for another SMT.

One thing we do know for sure is that it will have a fixed amount of tokens from the very beginning.

You can find out more about the game's economy here:

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Lookin forward to your project! 😀

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Internal economies! I think its a really good idea to establish a free market backend - the gold and silver will work itself out as long as certain transactions burn the in game gold, like buying from a vendor or something.


I'm also excited by that. I think that's one of the things that makes this game a potential step above the rest.

Looking forward to all this!

really nice :)

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