Chibera has 21000+ Delegation and is 4%+ funded!

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Reason for this post:

The reason why we are making this post is Chibera needs your support. We already have $65,000 which will get us only partially where we need to be. There are more funds needed to get it to the level we need and want out of a real MMORPG that has 4k support and that is VR ready.

Chibera hopes to add a new portal of interaction for Steem. Which we hope will allow the creation of a bridge between a market that has millions to spend but nothing to really spend it on other than cashing out. With features like sharing clips of your gameplay and cool screenshot directly to the Steem blockchain - this will bring new users who are yet to be touched by the mysterious world of blockchain technologies.

Currently, we've been supported with $3000+ steem, sbd and paypal contributions.
We have also been given over 21,900.475 delegation for perk ranks as well.

Chibers is looking for backend investors as well:

Chibera Looking For Founding Members And Investors World Wide.

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Chibera - New Crowdfunding and Funding Options!


You can help fund Chibera using Steem, sbd, delegation, and paypal:

Every person who buys a perk will be Entered into drawing into winning a custom Chibera I7 1080 ti liquid cool custom RGB custom PC with razor mouse and keyboard.

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Chibera Open World MMORPG Crowdfund!

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The Value Of Chibera Perks Explained

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I've made as much of a donation as I can. My only request is that you have at least one person looking at porting the game to Linux or at least making sure it works using Wine or SteamPlay. With so many modern games now playable through those to compatibility layers (thanks to valve) there is little reason not to have a Linux version. Heck I'll even be that tester if you can't find someone in your organization.


Linux was already planned since the game will be cross-platform.


Thanks for the clarification.

I've been burnt too many times with funding campaigns that say the will support Linux, and then when the game is released the company drops support. Mainly due to failings in the game engine they use, or some 3rd party library that they didn't think to actually test on other OSes.

Regardless, once bitten twice shy, and I've been bitten numerous times.

I also can't seem to find the actual term "Cross-platform" or what Operating systems you will support on your Fundition page. So for my peace of mind (even though I already donated) could you link me to a post that explains your intents to be cross platform.


Windows, linux, mac, mobile, xbox, playstation are our goals.

You have a lot of Resource Credits, you can use it to register new STEEM accounts, you can register on your site or simply donate accounts to members outside of STEEM.


Already that plan, but each account is 3k sp that has to be spent doing so. So its 8 accounts a day we can do, with our current delegation. 1000x more expensive than just burning steem

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