Chibera - Help and Earn Cashshop Points


Earnable Rewards

We will be offering up to 5000 cash shop points
We will also be curating any steem posts made

Completable earnings 1000 each:

  • Share Our Kickstarter on Facebook
  • Share Our Kickstarter on Twitter
  • Make a post about Chibera on Steem
  • Resteem this post
  • Join our discord

How to collect these points:

  • Post a comment in this post with links or images if your social media profiles are private
  • You must log into

Chiberas Commitment To Steem

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Resteem and Upvote To Help Us Out

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5000 Cashshop Points wow great


Yep bonus

I think this is great idea to people earn your post very useful thank you to share

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