Get Lost In The Wonderful Landscapes Of Chibera The Steem MMORPG

2년 전

We here at Chibera have the pleasure of showcasing some of the gorgeous landscapes you will be able to explore when our Steem MMORPG launches


One of the key elements of any MMORPG is the world. No matter whether you like PvE or PvP you will always travel through the world. And getting lost in it is just the best feeling ever!



Obviously, not all the work is done on the landscapes. But just so you guys know we are not slacking off, here are some of the landscapes that are still a work in progress.





Chibera is still in need of funding to help our developers and designers provide the best quality possible. Yes we know the crypto markets are down and people are being conservative but every bit helps. Fundition allows you to also donate via PayPal, we also have more options below on how to contribute.

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And as a bonus, we want to show you some of the new 3D models we have been working on. While these are not textured yet, they should give you at least some idea of what kind of objects you might find blocking your way to that will be there for you to explore when you’ll be travelling through the mystical lands of Chibera.



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That looks great, my next ten minutes are now going to be devoted to looking through the links to find out more about the game. (I might be a game addict)

Really dig the colour scheme here! Gorgeous - keep on sharing <3

so excited for @chibera as someone who grew up playing NWN (AOL) then in 1996 Diablo on, 1998 Ultima Online and 1999 Everquest - Was part of the development team for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes (QA and Lead Guild Design), Warhammer: Age of Reckoning (QA PVP Balance), Age of Conan (QA PVP BALANCE) etc :)

Really beautiful artwork, can't wait to see some gameplay in the future :)

Do you guys already have a release date?

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Looking awesome, is it going to be released for iPad or PC only?


Right now we're focused on pc, mac, linux, and consoles. Sadly we can't provide any more information on what else is being done until we have a better picture of things.


Ah thanks for the info! Hoping to have a laptop to do such in the future at least.


+1 for Linux support! 😀👍

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This is looking so good go Chibera!

This looks great -- I'll be interested in seeing the finished project :)

Sweet! By the way do you plan on doing a Kickstarter like Steem monsters?
That would be epic :)


We do plan to eventually do a Kickstarter but only once we feel the game is fully ready for that :)
But you can use the Steem based "kickstarter" - Fundtition to fund the project right now and get some sweet perks early :)

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A very nice color palette! Thanks for keeping us in the loop, we are very excited at the potential this project has!

Resteemed! - I'm glad to see more and more people envision the world of Chibera!

Yaya gorgeous work and beautiful post! Exciting times!!



looking good .. so how is it a "steem" mmorpg ? can you win and lose steem in it ?


Login, auction house and a bunch of other things will be steem integrated


that sounds great, can't wait for the beta then, specially if runs on linux too, are you gonna greenlght it on Steam (valve?) i'm sure you would get some traction there

Wow those landscapes are looking awesome! I seriously want to play it right now, is there a date set for alpha or beta release?

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Are you still on track to getting to beta? I'm just really worried you guys are going to run out of road before reaching that destination. Also, the site seems to be down which makes me extra anxious.


Yep still on track, The site is down for maintenance and will be back up soon!

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I liked the photos. And thanks for sharing!!!

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