2년 전

Was downtown a few years ago and wanted to try a new filter for editing.

I’m usually not a fan of filters but I felt that this one belonged for this shot and I attempted to do a long rolling shutter effect.

I did this by using a long exposure mode on the camera in order to slow down moving traffic and perceive motion to the viewer.

This was taken in downtown Chicago off one of the many beautiful antique bridges that overlook the roads of lower wacker.

Hope you all enjoy!6D8BABB4-3D41-4B30-878E-F491A1529062.jpeg

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the orange, and yellow cars look so nice with this filter

Beautiful! I'm actually a Chicago native that left so this gives me memories. I love the composition, angles, and colors.

Yeeee..... I liked it so much. The colors are so vibrant and you have a great hand at editing, kudos. Upvoting for this awesome photo 💜