Whimsical child.

4년 전

Even the most exemplary children are capricious from time to time. And many parents do not know what to do when the child behaves like this. There will be several recommendations.

Toys antistress, railroad, dolls-all this away from the child when he capricious. Let him realize that if he is behaving in an inappropriate way, then let him not expect that he will be able to immediately go after the whimper to play.

No need to indulge the whims of a child. Since if he notices that you always make concessions when he starts crying, stomping his feet and hysterical, he will do it every time he wants to achieve his goal. Therefore, you do not need to let him think that this method he will be able to manage their parents. Try to let him know you don't care.

You also need to understand that if you do not fuel the whims of the child with any emotions, then they will quickly pass. It is necessary at their approach to tell him that you will listen to him only when he stops whining and will behave normally. Then just leave him alone, even if he's already "crying."

After the child calms down, you should definitely seriously talk to him. Explain to him that whining and tantrums are unacceptable. Try to explain to him what is the difference between the usual tone and capricious. Most likely, he simply did not pay attention to it, and thanks to your explanation will learn the information and will not be more capricious. Also tell him that you will fulfill his requests much faster if he behaves properly.

In any case it is not necessary to beat the child when he is naughty, as this will negatively affect his psyche. In addition, and your relationship will deteriorate dramatically, better use the above methods.


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I always found this difficult when raising my children, I just wanted to help them feel better, but I understand why this isn't a good idea, and you need to separate your feelings from theirs.


it is very difficult to find a balance

thats very sweet post.

It's so tricky when it comes to child development and the disciplining of children that I'm gonna take all the advice I can get. Much love @bugaev..


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