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Do you know many children around the world need to assistance ?
But less organization to help them about that .
The children need to medical , hospitals , education , school, pooh-pooh the life quote ,…..
That is a reason , ISKRA-Coin is founder for that .
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ISKRA-Coin is a new generation of support children around the world . Whereas ,they creating children’s fund , that will implement for many many children around the world in the future.
ISKRA-Coin is combination between crptocurrency and activity support children . Fortunately, they application blockchain technology and AI technology for users when they want to assistance child at the same time .
When people want to help children , they must to buy token of ISKRA and now they sale with cheap price , you can buy on here :

The Charity is able to guarantee investors and traders when they apply ISKRA now.
With Charity – Lucem will assistance children buy a new technologies . Whereas, they are going to donate for any the goal
The markable of ISKRA are reliability , charitable and profitable
Reliability – You know ISKRA application blockchain technology and smart contracts so users can be secure , fast and convenient .
Charitable – When users buy your tokens , they will assistance children around the world , there are many advantages
Profitable – ISKRA is a great idea on marketplace and they application cryptocurrency so when they listing on exchange , you can sell with the pricest you have.

Team working
You know any project are always having professional core team working, and ISKRA do . They have nice core team working and they will support for ISKRA project and many children around the world

-In my opinion , this project is really great for any parents want your children are always improving everythings . Children are really important for country . If they have a nice support , they will help you in the near future.

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