What if we imagine everyone as children!


Sometimes I look at people around and realise that each one of them was once a little innocent child. I try to imagine how they looked and what kind of expression they had.

I look at the grumpy office worker and wonder how he acted as a child. I look at that homeless woman and imagine the cheerful girl she once was.
When I see officers with guns on their belt, I imagine their past as children playing with toys
When I see people arguing, I look at these angry faces and realise they were once just scared infants crying for their moms.

It doesn't matter how bad/mean they are now and it doesn't matter if they were bad as children.
When I realise that everyone had a touch of that innocence it becomes hard to judge or be mad at them

I saw a sign the other day that says "Do you remember the war that was started by a child? Neither do we"

I forgot the exact message behind that poster but the saying stuck with me. Wars and children don't go together

We protect our children and try NOT to harm them even if they were the enemies' children
But once they grow up, we forget that ...

What if we remember that everyone were once at that young age and had that beautiful innocence. What if we treat them as if they were still innocent children

a better place the world will be

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I really enjoyed reading this.. I actually think about stuff like this a lot while on my morning runs.. like how did the world become such an ugly place when it is filled with such beautiful things?? And what people would be like if there was no such thing as money?? That quote

I saw a sign the other day that says "Do you remember the war that was started by a child? Neither do we"

Gave me goosebumps when I read it.. how true.. anyhow, thanks for sharing..

It's a short life.
All of us start out as young infants and grow up to be adults.
All children are not innocent though. Neither are adults.

Lots of adults act like children and I've seen young adults act more mature than elderly people.

You mention a lot of the time of the innocence of children. That may be true from the beginning of their life, but that can be taken away in many different ways. But usually it's from the parents not doing their job right.

  ·  작년

I don't know how you think like that. If all children are not innocent might as well kill every single soul. it is meaningless to keep on living.

  ·  작년

Awesome post. It always mean we were all pure good til we changed or someone, something change us. It is good to be reminded we still got time and chance to protect what was or still good inside of us.