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My boys love to play games! Outside or inside, they are always keen to play! I suspect most kids are, I just get to see mine enjoy life everyday because I home school them.

My 6yr old borrowed a pogo stick from the library last week! He absolutely loved it, even asking to bring it to cricket so he could practice on the oval!

I love to see my boys pushing their limits and exploring what they can achieve. I often let them climb up the outside of the tunnel slides and watch as other parents silently or not silently freak out about it.

If they don’t try, then how will they know what they can achieve? As they grow older they will know that they can succeed and be able to make decisions because they were allowed to try and discover this for themselves.

Of course there are limits...I’m not talking about letting them jump into fire or anything ridiculous, but simple childhood curiosity and pushing the limits of physical ability, balance, strength and resilience are very healthy.

I have read the book ‘Barefoot & Balanced’ a couple of times and will write a review on it soon. A great source of information and inspiration as to the benefits of unstructured outdoor play.

I miss the seesaws and the long roped swings, the merry-go-rounds and the net-free trampolines.

Take care and enjoy your day!
Jessi 🌜

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The pogo stick reminded me of hubby using the garden fork as one while he aerated the lawn! XD It wasn't very bouncy...


😂😂 oh man that would have been amazing to watch!


It was hilarious to watch! 😂

Notice those netted trampolines show no signs of wear.
Reducing trampoline accidents by making it boring.
Love a pogo stick, but I always cringe thinking of little jaws meeting that handle.
Feels like the helmet should be on the underside of his head.


Hehe yes it is a fine line between safety and experimental! And always up to one’s own judgement!

I’m guilty of being over protective. I freak out as soon as my children climb a bit too high. I need to chill. A lovely parenting post. :)


Naww that’s totally understandable! I’m glad you enjoyed the post 😊😊💕