|| A Furry Adventure || Chapter 1

3년 전

Author - My little sis, age 9
Illustrated by - @pandabear

Chapter One

My name is Tippy. I came to this land in search of my wizard companion Galstoff. He left me a note saying that he went to the Wizard’s Retreat to have a small break and then continue our travels. But it seemed as though that wonderful place had been deserted! However, all of the gardens were still growing, and all of the houses were tidy. It seemed like there were many wizards there not long ago! So I needed to find where they all went and why they left in the first place.

First I had to find my friends. Would they be up to the task? I hoped so. First I had to go to White Rock Castle. There I could meet up with Snowy. She is amazing with maps, so her talent would definitely help our journey along. Next I had to go to Portalina. Those rough town streets in that little tiny city is exactly where I would find cat friend number two. Callie was born and raised there and she only leaves for adventure, and boy did I have an adventure for her! She’s great with a swashbuckling sword and would be our fierce defender against enemies on our way. But I couldn’t get too caught up on who I was getting. Instead, I had to go and get them!

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Awesome! Thank you for sharing your sisters writing on steemit @panda.bear! I love seeing your creative minds working together. 🧠💫❤️


First of all, that brain emoji is freakin me out! Secondly, Thank You!


What?? I loooove the brain emoji!

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Nice family affair story start, good to see even the young-uns involved. And what is this talk about the brain emoji? I don't see it. All I get is is the broken emoji thing - - - 🧠💫❤️ - - -So guess I will now need to google it to see what it looks like.


@bashadow... how sad that you don’t have the brain emoji!


I guess I could have looked on my phone. What can I say, 5 year old computer, but it still works. Thanks for that.


Ohhh yes... didn’t even think about your computer! I do EVERYTHING on my iPhone. 😃


Check those tech skills with the screenshot all cropped and fancy.


Thank You @penderis! You really have a knack for photo shop!

I love your illustration and it goes perfectly well with your sister's story. It's nice that you worked on this with her. Thanks for sharing this with us.

I also featured this post on my Minnow Fridays mini curation project (I'm late though as it's already Sunday). This is part of the #newbieresteemday initiative. Keep creating quality content :)

Great start to the story I can't wait to read about Callie in action with her swords, kitties and swords proven to be cute and dangerous so watch out highway robbers. I am sure Tippy will be a fearless leader with the help of all his/her friends.

Excited for the second chapter, it is gonna be legen-wait for -it-dary 🧠

P.S. It all works together very well, the story and great drawing from your sis, so great job to both of you.

Found via @wanderlass' newbie resteem post.

Cute little micro-story! I hope your sister keeps writing.