Reading With Foxboy

2년 전

We've always provided foxboy with toys and books a little above his age. He isn't forced to use them or anything, but we make them available if he's interested. Recently, he's been into YA fantasy novels. He's about half way through book two of Fablehaven.

Image from the authors website

Fablehaven is a pretty lighthearted fantasy novel and definitely aimed at family friendliness. There are some scary things, but it isn't very graphic and has only the lightest hints of romance.

We read to foxboy as part of his bedtime routine, but he usually wants more time than that. All told, we read to him about an hour per day. Reading a book so far above his skill level has made him more interested in the books he can read. He has started pushing himself harder to read more. He is spending around 30 minutes of his time reading each day. Makes for a proud papa :)

Y'all have good

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Y'all have a good what? Good day? Good week? Good night? Can't leave it at that foxon.


I can leave it at that. It's kind of a fun trick. You're so used to seeing it used as an adjective in that context, you don't want to perceive it as a noun. It is being used as a noun :)


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