Building Life Skills for Children - My Personal Experiences - Importance of Hobby classes for Children

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Today I want to write on Importance of Hobby classes for Children

This I believe is one of the most important activity every parent should consider for their children in their growing up. Just focusing on education at school is not enough for the overall child development.
As I mentioned earlier that my son had issues with his speech, confidence level, peer pressure in his early school days and I wanted to work it out with him. I did not want him to lack that confidence because as he would grow up this would also grow with him so it was necessary to tackle. I started putting him for some hobby classes over the weekend and that really made a lot of difference in his overall approach.
I did not want him to master on anything. I had decided I will see if there is something which would interest him a lot I will continue that on a long term basis otherwise he can just learn, specially the sport activities like skating, tennis, swimming. Every vacation he would go for summer camps and then he also enrolled in Scouts program. Some of it he enjoyed and some he did not, but I would not force him to continue if he would not enjoy.


I could see that the hobby classes that he went to made a lot of difference in his overall development. Not only his confidence level was building up but his mental health was also getting better. His memory was getting sharper. Overall the sports activities taught him discipline and time management. We feel sometimes as they grow up they will learn when they have to face situations in life, but better why not prepare them with these life skills which are so very important other then the academic education.

I have come across many such children who have been extremely bright academically like the nerds but as they have grown up they have not done very well for themselves when they have had to face the real life challenges. So the grades in school may not be that important but these life skills that we teach our children go with them life long and can be very beneficial in shaping up their lives. Again we do not want to make them genius in everything so it is ok if they just learn and leave it. This is what my thinking is. Every activity that they do, teaches them some valuable lesson and also shapes up their overall character and personality, so it is not going to waste even if it is done for a short period of time.

Specially finding that time to make them do things besides their normal routine of studies also helps them rejuvenate and keeps them active.

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Sports not only teaches discipline and time management, but keeps them busy to not divert on other things. In our time, that was the only thing that kept us busy , but today there are too much distractions. So sports is a must to keep them occupied and not distract on TV, Mobiles games etc.


True, in my time we had more of outdoor activities and never liked being at home, but now it's the other way around.