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Children have a right to live, blossom and prosper. But not all of them get opportunity for the same.
We the Zaphany family feel strongly for child care, their education, health, nutrition and rights.

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Zaphany School is located in Nyamira county Kenya. In this society where most people live below poverty level most children are ignored. Poverty underdevelopment, mass illiteracy, ignorance and conservatism cause a majority of children be deprived of their basic rights and some even turn to radicalization. Various other social problems such child marriages where girls and force to marry at a tender age while boys are forced into child labour and even child trafficking. Limited access to education would mean that many get stuck in poverty cycle. That has to be brought to a grinding halt

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Children are a heritage from the the Lord. Adopted children even more so because the inherited child is one’s choice while one’s own child is not by choice.
Zaphany family has adopted these children for Christ amid all the challenges that come with the scourge of Covid 19 and its woes. The children comprise of children between 3 to 15 years.
With education they can earn and a job and we also train them to be self-reliant in case they don’t get employment due to high unemployment rate.



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We have thus far due to sweet friends.

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Thanks for the post, it slowed me down, and brought a smile! These kids are treasures!!!!




Real men let children come forth and enjoy seeing them blossom. If abortion began before 1967 there was a chance i would miss such a wonderful brother like you. God is angry at the way we have treated Him.


Abortion is a blight from Satan himself!

My love is adopted, so she would have been aborted. When we found out we were pregnant with my Son, the first question was " do you want to keep it?".... My daughter was recommended for abortion because there were problems that made having her a risk.

The dragon would have wiped out my entire family with abortion, if he had his way!!!!



Do these docs doing it imagine that this would happen to them.
Some people joke"Such's mothers would better have given birth to a tissue paper because that would have been much easier to deal with than having them as human beings "


These people are living under the great delusions from the father of lies, and can't understand the horror that their work creates! Most have stopped listening to the still small voice, and have sold their souls; leaving them damned.


Thank you for doing what you do.