China news roundup / Nachrichten 2020-05-09

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English news:

China asked the WHO to cover up the coronavirus outbreak: German intelligence service

"During a conversation on Jan. 21, Xi reportedly asked Tedros not to announce that the virus could be transmitted between humans and to delay any declaration of a coronavirus pandemic"

--- Lies! Lies! Lies! China was totally open & truthful. We even shared our theories about the virus origin in the USA. This shows that we do our best to misl... er ... inform the world.

US blocks UN resolution on global coronavirus ceasefire after China pushes WHO mention

"In our view, the Council should either proceed with a resolution limited to support for a ceasefire, or a broadened resolution that fully addresses the need for renewed member state commitment to transparency and accountability in the context of COVID-19."

--- Ugly Western propaganda. Because China has been sooo open, there is no need to call for transparency. & because China is sacred, there can be no accountability, anyway.

Coronavirus: China offers to help North Korea fight pandemic

"Xi said he highly appreciated Mr Kim's support during China's outbreak and "showed his personal attention to the situation of the pandemic and people's health" in North Korea"

--- Very much attention. Just like Xi he disappeared from view for several weeks.

Coronavirus: Chinese official admits health system weaknesses

"The country will now improve its disease prevention, public health system and data collection"

--- Yes, China needs more surveillance, more control. Then everything will be better. Absolutely.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, China forces out foreign reporters

"Buckley was stuck in Wuhan when his visa expired and therefore unable to apply for a renewal in Beijing"

--- & the CCP decided not to punish him for this, just because of the wisdom & benevolence of beloved emperor Xi.

US tightens visa regulations for reporters from China

"The new regulation, which takes effect Monday, limits visas for Chinese reporters to 90 days, with the option for extension."

--- So, essentially just a minor bureaucratic nuisance. Unlike the US journalist mentioned above, they don't even have to leave the US for renewal.

Video News:

--- China Uncensored: "China Wants Trump to Lose 2020 Election (According to Trump)"

--- ABC News: "In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, China forces out foreign reporters"

--- Global News: "Coronavirus outbreak: Inside China's mission to stockpile the world's PPE supply" (audio only)

--- 2 online panels of the Brookings Institution:

--- Assessing China's technological reach in the world: Part 1

--- Assessing China's technological reach in the world: Part 2

Deutsche Nachrichten:

Sierens China: Europas schwieriges Jahr im Umgang mit China

""China war das einzige Land, dass uns geholfen hat", sagte der tschechische Präsident Milos Zeman kürzlich."

--- Zeman ist als Chinaliebhaber bekannt. Gibt aber zum Glück auch deutlich andere Stimmen in Tschechien.

"Dass China die Viruskrise bereits weitgehend hinter sich hat und sich in großen Schritten wirtschaftlich erholt"

--- Wenn man den chinesischen Angaben glaubt.

"Kein günstiger Zeitpunkt also, um sich mit Peking anzulegen - was auch immer während der Krise schiefgelaufen sein mag. "

--- Genau, wir brauchen mehr Appeasement. Hat in der Vergangenheit ja auch immer wunderbar funktioniert.

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