China news roundup / Nachrichten 2020-05-12

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English news:

Politics and Porgera: why Papua New Guinea cancelled the lease on one of its biggest mines

"Barrick’s Chinese joint venture partner, Zijin, has flagged international political ramifications, warning the lease dispute could damage bilateral relations between PNG and China"

--- The risks of dealing with the mafia.
Which Australia is also learning just now:

China halts beef imports from four Australian firms as COVID-19 spat sours trade

"the suspension was unrelated to the bilateral dispute over COVID-19"

--- Totally unrelated. Of course. China is just trying to “ensure the safety and health of Chinese consumers”.

New Zealand backs Taiwan joining the WHO despite China rebuke

"China warned its call for Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Organization (WHO) could damage bilateral ties."

--- Did I mention the mafia?

China announces new raft of US imports eligible for trade war tariff waivers amid rising superpower tensions

"including rare earth mineral ores, aircraft radar equipment, semiconductor parts, medical disinfectants, and a range of precious metals, chemical and petrochemical products"

--- So, as usual stuff that China actually needs (although I'm not sure about the rare earth ores).
(Also notice how the mafia is much more careful when it comes to dealing with countries they see as powerful.)

‘Wolf warrior’ diplomats reveal China’s ambitions

"Events such as western criticism of China over the 1989 Tiananmen crackdown or the US’s accidental bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade periodically shook Beijing’s commitment to working with Europe and America to boost its economic development"

--- Joke of the day. They wouldn't have endangered their economic development, because they didn't feel powerful enough. Now, things are changing.

Chinese-Canadians ‘suffering in silence’ as China’s United Front reaches into Canada

"most Chinese-Canadians are opposed to the Chinese Communist Party’s so-called “United Front” networks that seek to control immigrant groups. But in her words, many Chinese-heritage citizens worldwide are “suffering in silence and in isolation.”"

--- Perhaps, if more of them spoke up, the CCP would be a bit more careful with its harassment.

"Beijing backs numerous front organizations and civil-society groups in Western societies, including Chinese student and professional associations. These groups act as extensions of the state and party apparatus."

--- Needs to be more widely publicised. In Germany, for example, except for some China "experts", virtually no one knows of the United Front.

"the Chinese embassy and consulates are trying to get members of the diaspora to work on its behalf. The increasing control of the media in Canada is part of the United Front, how they are reporting."

--- Sadly enough, even the CBC, Canada's public broadcaster, now spreads CCP propaganda.

Hong Kong police detention of 12-year-old reporter sparks press freedom debate, as gov’t warns youngsters to avoid protests

"On Sunday, riot police took away two volunteer reporters – a 12-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl of Student Depth Media – who were covering protesters gathering at Tsim Sha Tsui’s Harbour City mall."

--- Because student reporters are the most dangerous rioters of them all.

"It is extremely dangerous for underage persons to conduct news reporting activities at scenes of protests in the capacity of student journalists. One can imagine how difficult it is for a child aged 12 or 13 to handle the complex and ever-changing situation at the scene"

--- Judging from the videos, it's more like the HK cops are overwhelmed by the complexity of the situation. Maybe they should be issued less Pervitin.

China's factory deflation deepens as pandemic hits demand

"The pace at which producer prices are falling is faster than the market expected, which calls for more forceful measures to spur demand"

--- Considering that food prices are still way higher than before, deflation is not much of an issue, I suppose. Anyway, deflation might not be so bad, either:

"That should remove any concerns the People’s Bank of China has about the impact of monetary easing on inflation"

Coronavirus: Bryan Adams attacks China as 'bat eating, virus making' source

"Bryan Adams has made an expletive-filled attack on Chinese people over coronavirus"

--- The Guardian SJW's again doing the CCP's bidding. Adams didn't even mention China or Chinese in his tweet (unless, of course, for the Guardianistas, 'bastard' is a synonym for 'Chinese'):

"thanks to some fucking bat eating, wet market animal selling, virus making greedy bastards"

--- & even though it is pretty clear that he is talking about Chinese, he is very specific in which people he means. How that could be construed as a racist attack on all Chinese is beyond me. But SJW logic probably works like that.

"It is not even clear if Wuhan is the area where the virus originally transferred from animals to humans, and there is still no scientific consensus on the source of the outbreak"

--- Pretty much exactly the official Chinese narrative. Maybe I should start a conspiracy theory that Western SJW's are in cahoots with the CCP.

Coronavirus: Wuhan draws up plans to test all 11 million residents

"The plan appears to be in its early stages, with all districts in Wuhan told to submit details as to how testing could be done within 10 days."

--- There is a problem, though: Once you finished testing, the ones tested last may have already infected some of those tested first.

"Prior to this, it had seen no new cases at all since 3 April."

--- Only because they don't count asymptomatic cases. (& only if you believe Chinese numbers in the first place.)

Trump abruptly ends press conference after contentious exchange with reporters

""Sir, why are you saying that to me specifically?""

--- Because you asked a critical question, you dumbass. If you haven't noticed by now that Trump doesn't react well on critical questions, you're no good as a journalist.
A president snowflake & a journalist snowflake, now we have a snowstorm in a teacup.

"Jiang wrote on Twitter in March that a White House official, who she did not name, had referred to the coronavirus as the "Kung-flu" to her face."

--- So, she's probably one of those constantly offended SJW's.

Video News:

--- China Unscripted talks to Ethan Gutmann:

--- & Sky News (AUS) is pretty riled up about Chinese threats:

--- China is 'punishing nations' for disagreeing with it

--- Suspending meat exports straight from 'China's playbook'

--- China wants to 'cripple' Australia and 'hold our corpse up as an example'

Not in the news (yet):

Arrested man dies in custody, but we did nothing wrong (say the HK cops)

Blocked & censored for looking like emperor Xi

Deutsche Nachrichten:

Wuhan will alle elf Millionen Einwohner testen

"Dabei handelte es sich um Einwohner, die bereits mit asymptomatischen Verläufen unter Quarantäne standen und nun positiv gestetet wurden. Alle sechs seien in der gleichen Wohnanlage aufgetreten. Es sind die ersten Fälle einer Neuinfektion"

--- Oh, FAZ... Schreibt selber, daß die schon asymptomatisch waren, aber bezeichnet sie dann doch als erste Neuinfektionen.
& was das Testen von 11 mio. Leuten in 10 Tagen angeht, ist das Problem, daß die letzten Getesteten schon wieder welche von den zuerst Getesteten angesteckt haben können.

Leipziger Gipfel in der Schwebe

"Jörg Wuttke, Präsident der Europäischen Handelskammer in China, bemerkt eine gewisse "Müdigkeit", was Versprechen aus Peking angehe, fairere Spielregeln durchzusetzen."

--- & trotzdem gibt es in der EU immer noch genug Naivlinge, die glauben, mit Zurückhaltung etwas erreichen zu können.

Alle im Griff

"Besonders interessant sind die Einblicke in die subversive Tätigkeit und Motivation der sogenannten Einheitsfront-Arbeit, "Qiaowu". Mit Zuckerbrot und Peitsche wollen die Parteikader die etwa 60 Millionen Auslandschinesen hinter sich bringen."

--- Bleibt zu hoffen, daß das besprochene Buch in Deutschland weitere Verbreitung findet.
Vgl.: Schleichender Angriff

Angriff der Wolfskrieger

"Und so laufen in China seit einigen Wochen die immer gleichen Nachrichten über die Bildschirme. Zunächst loben die Nachrichtensprecher die Maßnahmen der Zentralregierung im Kampf gegen Covid-19, dann widersprechen sie der Kritik an anfänglichen Versäumnissen, zeigen Bilder aus chaotischen Notaufnahmen in anderen Ländern und enden mit Tiraden gegen die USA."

--- Als erstes wird aber natürlich 15-20 Minuten täglich über die Heldentaten von Kaiser Xi berichtet.

China erhöht den Druck auf das aufmüpfige Australien

"Peking droht seinem Herausforderer Australien, dessen Gerste mit Strafzöllen zu belegen."

--- Damit gibt sich die Mafia aber noch nicht zufrieden. Jetzt werden auch Rindfleischimporte auf Eis gelegt.

Bundesregierung wirft China Schwächung der Menschenrechte vor

"Die Bundesregierung beobachtet mit Sorge, dass China versucht, etablierte Menschenrechtsstandards zu unterminieren und das internationale Menschenrechtssystem zu schwächen"

--- Welch scharfe Wortwahl, welch Courage. Jetzt wird man in Peking bestimmt vor den zu erwartenden Konsequenzen zittern.

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