China is dominating the crypto industry — and now the government is supporting the blockchain ecosystem

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China is one of the most influential and developed countries in the world. For 2 years, China has closed its door to the crypto world, rendering ICOs disable within the country. Some marketing activities related to cryptocurrencies have been reported as illegal activities. China’s crypto sector is somehow thriving while the Chinese President’s recent announcement has changed the whole situation in just two months.

The condition of the crypto industry in China has been drowning and the rate of the crypto investors is declining. Nevertheless, the latest announcement of the president and the new law structure in support of blockchain technology shifts in the industry’s environment within China.

What suddenly transformed China into a crypto hub?

Everyone should recall the sudden rise of the crypto market, and the explanation behind it was suspected of being Chinese. When the market was dropping the one incredible push from China gave the boost to the market where the price of Bitcoin was pumping close to 10 thousand dollars. It was really successful for the crypto industry at the end of October.

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s sentence on the blockchain industry gives rise to a new optimism for a sinking cost. While China passed the biggest cryptocurrency protest two years ago, the president has not denied a remarkable advance in technology. He found the blockchain to be an autonomous technology for the world. Addressing the world at the Politburo Committee Meeting, the President urges investors to invest and to increase the growth of the industry.
When the highest power of the world tells the shareholder to invest in the cryptocurrency industry, the country must surely follow the invitation of its leader. After the rejuvenation of the cryptocurrency laws had been resolved, China had begun to grow in the industry. It seems that China is accelerating growth in the crypto industry much faster than before.

What is the amount of Chinese domination of the crypto industry?

It is assumed from one of the untrusted sources that the total mining power is in the hands of China. Over 70% of the mining industry captured by China and will grow soon. China resolved the regulatory question of the blockchain industry from the end of October. Before news spread, boost investment and business opportunity development for cryptocurrencies. China has already claimed two-thirds of the overall crypto patent. It means that more than half of the patent belongs to China.

China kept its crypto industry just to test new technology, and when the time comes, it should be ready to come with full power. China was once the biggest mining giant for bitcoin and holds 95 percent of the mining industry.

What’s the current percentage of Chinese hashing power?

It is estimated that 60 percent of the hash rate is owned by Chinese miners. China’s mining power is greater than we thought. It contributes more than half of the hashing rate, and this means China’s rise in the cryptocurrency industry.
One of the largest technological giants in the world, China wants to hold the crypto industry. Not only does this sector have a promising future, but also because of its ability to capture the world economy. If China is the economic powerhouse for the future, the economy should be in charge of it. Controlling capital is the primary way to control the economy of the world. The dollar is actually one of the largest trusts in the world economy unit. But in the future, cryptocurrencies are expected to replace the dollar. Once it’s done, the rise of China is for sure. Because the largest mining centre of worlds scarce bitcoin cryptocurrency is located in China.

China is growing its mining power and has published a well contrasted and crypto-supported law for the Chinese mining industry. New stable coin from China will be released into the world’s eco-system. The stable coin is expected to take over the crypto industry.

Why is the vote of the community directed to Chinese firms?

Recently, Binance introduced four group platform tokens and unexpectedly, every round of voting is won by Chinese ventures. The explanation is not hard to predict as the Chinese President’s recent declaration and funding for blockchain projects accelerate Chinese crypto projects. Consecutively four projects from China won the public vote to be included on the binance website.

While China’s president urges people to invest and speed up the blockchain system, they have taken part in a variety of projects. Since approval from the regulatory body, China has become one of the main blockchain investment hubs. And the Chinese people welcome technology quickly. The adaptation is so fast that it represents the hash rate of the Chinese mining company.

Who are the blockchain influencers in China?

Before 2017, China was the major blockchain centre. Almost every industry is affected by Chinese innovation and ideas. But in 2017, regulatory issues briefly slowed the development of the blockchain ecosystem in China. Nevertheless, China still holds one of the leading positions in the industry.

The title synonymous with the Blockchain investors and the businessman is mostly Chinese. Changpeng Zhao, Jihan Wu, N.G. Zhang, Justin Sun is one of the biggest names in the crypto industry. The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange company, the founder and CEO of Binance, is Changpeng Zhao, a citizen of China and Canada. Jihan Wu is one of the biggest computer chip companies in the world, the co-founder of Bitmain. Oh, N.G. Zhang is one of the biggest names in the crypto industry which builds a blockchain pool between China and the rest of the world. His biggest investment is hardware mining equipment, including a software algorithm. The name like Justin Sun is unforgettable. The developer of cryptocurrency TRON and the new CEO of BitTorrent Justin Sun is a groundbreaking name for the crypto industry. All the workers are from China. So, China is not only a major hub for crypto investment but also a firm that creates minds and people.

There are many other invisible factors that are once again pushing the Chinese crypto firm to the global platform. China is ready to launch a gold-backed stable coin in the first half of 2020 when bitcoin halving is about to happen again. So, China has set its cryptocurrency plot to the correct time frame. China has a lot to offer in 2020 and there is a possibility that it could hold the world economic power soon or the result could reflect just the opposite.

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