Seeking Chinese Nationals

10개월 전

So it's occurred to me I've never really had a chat with a Chinese citizen. Chinese ethnicity, sure, daily, I live in Malaysia after all. But, they don't at all identify with the country.

As a progressive that refuses labels and enjoys studying humans I've realised this platform is the perfect, nay, the only place I could actually have a dialogue with people residing in China.

I've got no ulterior motives, I simply have immersed myself in socialism, communism, anarchism, and basically revolutionary literature. I'm interested to get know more about what it's like living in a country that is openly an autocracy. As a capitalist autocracy in a global economy it's vital we have some serious understanding.

Please any and all English proficient steemians come forward and let's get to know each other. Specifically Chinese nationals OR HK residents.

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Is this thing on? Is it safe to say a certain guy from a certain country destroyed this place completely. Is that typical SOP for a state agent funded by those seeking to collapse anything that can't be censored from within the state? 💪