Taiwanese primary school students said "I am from Taiwan Province of China".

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Overseas Network July 15th, Taiwanese primary school student Lin Zikai, transferred to Xiamen to study in the third grade of primary school. Recently, when she participated in the mainland TV program, she thanked her classmates for her to adapt to life in mainland China, and then sang "Childhood" to commemorate The experience of studying with my classmates.

When Lin Zikai introduced himself, he said loudly to the audience: "When I was in the third grade, I transferred from Taiwan Province to Xiamen to study." The students in the audience applauded and showed their friendship and encouragement.

Netizens from the mainland have commented, "This Taiwan Province! Great." "Taiwan Province, said very well." "Like the little sister from Taiwan Province." "Children from Taiwan, do not wear red scarves." Netizens on the island also expressed their feelings, “'Sun Moon Lake is the largest lake in Taiwan Province of China. It is on the high mountains near Taichung. It is surrounded by mountains and is surrounded by trees. There are many places of interest around the campus.' This is what every primary school student will recite. Text!" There is also a message directly telling the "92 Consensus."
"Taiwanese are the compatriots of the mainland."

There are a lot of pupils on the island who have the same views as Lin Zikai. A Taiwanese girl named Cheng Aijun has shared a video. In the video, she introduced to Taiwan how to describe Taiwan in the mainland primary school textbook. She said that the mainland is educating children like this: Taiwan is the treasure island of the motherland, and Taiwanese are the compatriots of the mainland. She said, "They (the mainland) are very friendly to Taiwan, and Taiwanese should not sland the mainlanders."

In comparison, since the Chinese-English authorities took office, they have talked about "goodwill" and made a big deal of "de-Chinaization" to cover up the fact that the two sides of the same strait are the same species. This "mouth cannon" goodwill is not only false, but even despicable. The wishful thinking of the Taiwan authorities is that the so-called "natural independence" has collided with cross-strait relations, but it is doomed to fail.

"Natural independence" is hit by reality

Regarding the "naturally independent" argument, Hong Xiuzhu once said that Taiwanese youth are not "naturally independent" but rather "artificial independence" produced by education.

From the 100th day of Tsai Ing-wen's administration, the polls of young people's support for Tsai Ing-wen have been declining. This year, Tsai Ing-wen has been in power for two years, and all the polls have been dissatisfied with her, including 20 years old. Young people up to 29 years old are the most dissatisfied. "Natural independence" is obviously a false proposition, a bundle of ideology.

Wang Bingzhong, a young member of the New Party, was born in 1987 and said that it is not “naturally independent” and should be “artificially independent”. Just like plasticizers in food, not natural food, but after a long time, it will hurt one by one. body.

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