China did the unthinkable!

10개월 전

China has just landed their first spacecraft on the far side of the moon. This actually precedent set in motion, because we’ve never fully explored what’s on the far side of the moon, only theories about it.

The Chang 4 is their spacecraft which just landed and I think this is actually a very big step for humanity, even NASA congratulated China in this huge feat.

However the Chinese are quite tight lipped when it comes to mission such as these, in the leading up days they didn’t inform anyone of this mission and was trying to keep it a secret.


Anyone’s guess really...

But if you ask me it’s probably because they discovered some sort of secret on the far side of the moon. It may sound bizarre and hilarious but no one spends hundreds of billions of dollars without legitimate reason.

If you think that the Chinese are doing this to “further science and discover craters and composition of the moon” you’d be a third right.

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