My Wife is Japanese sorry Chinese He's An idiot

2년 전

Jeremy Hunt tells Chinese hosts his wife is Japanese - when she's actually from China

All in front of the Chinese what an idiot he is for sure

What an idiot ?

Have a laugh at this video I would of thought he was smarter than that maybe he really wanted a Japanese wife instead but settled for Chinese.

He appears to be off his head for sure

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lol Could be jet lag or something. He sounds a bit tired and confused from dealing with 3 different languages.

ha ha ha your post is very funny.

Hahaha....Very funny. Some minister often going to be mad.

Sometimes one's silly Confusion becomes one's laughing time for sure.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Hello my friend, how have you been? he had a moment of confusion wow what his wife would say or think


Still going how are you have taken it easy at the minute

Its very funny. Thanks for sharing this funny moment.

Hahaha very funny post. Thank you for sharing with us " Best of luck.

Very funny man... He just confusedat that moment.😂😂😂

Ha ha
Very funny talk....!!!!!!!!

Ha ha ha.....LoL 😁! It's very funny talk. I really appreciate it.

Hahaha and God that shameful was this moment I saw how the Chinese changed their face

How have you been?


yeah not happy lol

A somewhat shameful confusion hahaha I think that this moment was very uncomfortable for them

ha ha ha we enjoying your video. interesting it.