There Was No Room For Jesus, But There’s Room For You

2년 전

There was no room for them in the inn." (Luke 2:7)
Yet there is room. (Luke 14:22)

Although "there was no room" for Christ at Bethlehem's inn, yet, as the second part of the text explains, "there is room" for you in His heart of love, in His Kingdom of Grace, in His Father's heavenly mansions. At His manger crib "there is room' for every sinner, especially the desperate and downtrodden. That includes you, with all the guilt and wrongdoing and regrets that disturb you.

When you come to Jesus in faith and He comes to you in His mercy, He removes the curse of your sin. He washes away its stain. The fire of His devotion burns away your iniquity. The power of His presence purifies your heart and strengthens your life. Take courage and believe on this Day that nothing can keep you from the forgiveness of the Saviour!

God grant every one of you this blessing! Amen!

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