Love & marriage 188 - The Patio - Aesthetic Togetherness - Conclusion

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This is the conclusion to my series of posts of Aesthetic togetherness. Dr Steve Stephens in his book, Blueprints for a solid marriage, uses the analogy that your marriage is like a home. Each room or space in the house represents a different area of your marriage.

The patio represents the Aesthetic Togetherness in your marriage. To enjoy beauty together from your patio makes live more positive and beautiful. It represents a place of simplicity and an escape from the hectic pace of life.

I wrote about 5 areas of beauty which were

  • The beauty of Positives
  • The beauty of the Creation
  • The beauty of Simplicity
  • The beauty of Artistry
  • The beauty of Goodness

Then there were five responses to beauty

  • Seek beauty
  • Acknowledge beauty
  • Embrace beauty
  • Appreciate beauty
  • Treasure beauty

Your memories of beauty

We saw that you should treasure beauty. Like a treasure that you would lock or store away. Memory is a marvel. It is a box where we can place thousands of beautiful memories for safekeeping. Then anytime later you can pull out your treasure and be reminded of the beauty we once experienced. Together we can relish the memory and, in spite of our current pain, difficulty or confusion, we are transported into a time and place where the loveliness of life surpasses all else.

Store away memories of the positive, natural, artistic, good and simple beauties of everyday existence. If you could place just one of these stones into memory each day, then within a year you would accumulate a great treasure. And in 10 years you would be wealthy beyond your grandest imagination. Build your treasure and then treasure your beauty. In doing so, you will have accumulated a source of aesthetic togetherness that will enhance your joy, increase your faith, and strengthen your marriage.

Aesthetic togetherness brings joy, and joy draws us closer to the incredible beauty that surrounds us each and every day.
No matter how dark, ugly or commonplace your situation might be there is beauty right around the corner. In the darkest night, there is the hope of a starry sky. During the ugliest storm, there is the joy of a colorful rainbow. On the most common seashore, there is the excitement of the perfect shell.

Hold hands with each other, while you open your mind, your senses and your heart. Side by side be amazed at:

  • all that is positive,
  • all that God has created,
  • all that is tastefully artistic,
  • all that is truly good,
  • all that sparkles in its simplicity.


Source: Blueprints for a solid marriage, Dr. Steven Stephens, Tyndale House Publishers
Images: except where otherwise indicated

Thank you for reading:

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Absolutely true, we have to store the simple and beautiful memories which can just enlighten the relationship no matter in which situation we are and from what phase of life we are going through. Memories can play strong role in our life because it holds the time travelling effects means, if we watch memories then we will move while watching those memories and we admire to bring the same love in life once again.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

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