A NAIL in the FOOT. how i almost died(of pain)

3년 전

hello there steemians today i will tell you about my story
which didnt happen too long ago.


here goes.
it was a warm day, i was tired, and angry for some sort. easily triggered.
then i carried a box full of junk. i did not know what junk was in that tiny box....
so then the darn box. fell out my hands. cos the darn box almost broke off my nail on my finger...
so it hurt like hell for a second then i was pissed. lol.
at the damn box. so i proceeded to kick and stomp on the box.
as i jumped on the box with my full body weight.
i realized i did some stupid shit.
i jumped on a rusty nail.
and well.... it wasnt hurting at first i was just shocked to see a nail in my boot.
once i took off the boot. thats when i felt it. the pain not a lot...
so i quickly proceeded to cure my newly found hole on my heel.
put dessinfect on it and stuff.
i could walk normaly for 30 mins. thats when the pain became more apparent.
and i wasnt going to see the doctor about some stupid nail in my heel...

the doc would do no good to me.

the damn nail got so deep in my feet that i felt that i hit my bone lol.

so the next 2 days or 3 days.

i was in agony of pain.

there was no swelling or redness . thats how i knew it was ok. and that i dont need a doctor.
all it was is just agonyzing pain.

that had me at times. CRAWL to the place where i needed to go... mostly it was toilet lol.

but anyhow.

the nail went in like 2 cm or something.

the pain was unbarable. sometime when i changed the leg positioning the pain would lessen.

so the first night was the most agonizing one. the rest was piece of cake. as i was getting used to the pain. lol i took it like a man.
if i was faced with a bull i would not move from a spot and take that damn thing all by myself.
well not really. but you get the idea.

me and pain are no strangers.
i dont cry about it i embrace it.
unless its too painfull then i take meds or something.
the tingleing sensation acompanied with the pain. told me that i was healing.

oh and i had a fever in the first night. it also is a good sign...

the body, heats up to destroy the bacteria and viruses. that was on that rusty nail...

so after weeks.... of walking with cruthces....

i could walk normally. but i couldnt yet run...
but now i can run and i am happy.

and i will never let anger to guide me again...

i did not make it through alone.
i know that God is beside me on every step of the way with me.

so with this i want to say.
Devil gets you when you least expect.
but God will always Save you.



stay tuned. this HF20 will not stop me.

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