It's Your Time!

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For the vision is yet for an appointed time
Habakkuk 2:3,NKJV

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We all have gifts from God, these will help us find our place on this earth. It is God's mission to make each and every one of us Great, as He made almost all of the characters in the Bible great in their own right, regardless of their personalities and weaknesses. However, in our search for our own greatness, we stumble upon many tribulations. These causes us to loose hope, and settle where we are.

But understand, the depth of your past, is the indication of the height of your future.

The story of Joseph, is one good example. Joseph had a dream, that the moon, sun and stars will bow down to him. His brother's were jealous of him and how his father treated him. His brothers plan to kill him, but settled to sell him to the people going to Egypt. These men in return sold him to Potiphar, the assistant of the Pharaoh. He made Joseph in charge of everything he owns. However, something bad happened that Potiphar sent Joseph to jail. But God is with Joseph all the time. The warden made Joseph in charge as well. One day, the cupbearer and Baker to the Pharaoh was sent to jail. They talked about their dreams and asked Joseph what his dream would have meant. Joseph told the Baker that he will get out of jail soon. If that happens tell about me to the Pharaoh.

But that didn't happen, as the Baker forgot about Joseph already. Two years had passed, then one day the Pharaoh needed someone to interpret his dreams. The Baker then remembered about Joseph. He interpreted the Pharaoh's dream of famine. The Pharaoh believed Joseph, so he made him in charge of all of his land. This is the time when, he was able to see his brother's that sold him. His brothers bowed down to him as he is an important person now. The dream he was able to see, more than 10 years ago finally came.

Joseph's story gives us hope that no matter how unfair life is, it only means that there is still a bigger, better and brighter future ahead, greater than we can imagine. Joseph believed that God was always there no matter his circumstances were. He never let go of that dream in spite of being a slave and a prisoner. He is a prisoner of hope.

Let us learned from Joseph, he knows that his time will come. We should too. We have to fuel the fire inside us, even though it is hard, even though we don't see any way. Because in the end God has a way, His very own way.

Each of us has greatness and power inside, we were created in the image and likeness of God. Only we can make or break His promise. But if we stay in faith, if we stay hopeful our TIME will surely come. Let's keep moving forward no matter how rocky the road might be, for at the end of each journey a dream is waiting to unleashed.


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No, it isn't God's mission to make everyone great. Not everyone can be great like Joseph who God gifted and prepared to run an entire country.

Being a Christian isn't about being great as the world defines greatness. It's about serving God in the way God calls you to serve Him using the gifts God has given you. You might be called to read to terminally ill children. Or to show hospitality to new people in your church. Or to clean at the church.


Well, we all have different beliefs about God. To me God is like a paternal father, a parent. No parent would ever want anything less for his children. And so I know that God wants to tap these gifts to be able to serve like what you said. God bless!

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