The Return of Flat Earth Friday!!!

2년 전

The Earth is Flat
and that is a universal fact,
If it isn't that,
Then tell me where the flip
the curve is at!!


"son of a biscuit's flat!"

Before you go posting verses from Isaiah where you think it talks about it being a globe or sphere you better go into the Hebrew and look up the word before you get schooled on the actual meaning and not what you think it means.

You were taught in science class that Earth is one of eight or nine planets(they can't decide if Pluto is or isn't) in our solar system and that the Earth is the third planet from the Sun.

Here's the deal though Bible Believers, you will not find the mention of other "planets" anywhere in the creation account of Genesis.

There are over 200 verses that support the geocentric flat enclosed Earth model.
There is not a single verse to support the heliocentric Globe Earth model. Not even the famous Kent Hovind, Mr. Creationist himself, could find a single Bible verse to support the heliocentric model.

Globe Earth: 0
Flat Earth: 200+

“ the mouth of two or three witnesses the matter shall be established."
Deuteronomy 19:15b

Now for the non-Bible sciency types that want to say "but NASA, but other space agencies....we've got pictures!"

NASA has admitted on multiple occasions that their images are CGI, therefore if you accept that as "proof" then I submit that you MUST also accept the below picture as proof as well.


"proof Sandra Bullock is an astronaut"

"The games up Nas-holes coz we all know

Thanks for the show NASA it's been a blast

Now take your fake station and shove it up your ass no data-signal lost"

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But @dwells! The circle of the earth hangs on nothing! Right? Right? Umm.... NASA! Too big a conspiracy! Umm... I have a friend who says they saw the curve from an airplane... boats under the horizon... um. um. um...



The glass disc that makes up the surface of this coffee table is also hanging on nothing but it is not levitating in the middle of nothingness.


I would not recommend using this coffee table as a footstool though.

The earth isn't flat. You can't find a single college or university who believes that. Stop linking Christianity with fraud. Christianity is the truth but the concept of the earth being flat is a fraud.


Funny, most college professors that tell you the earth is round will tell you Christianity is a fraud. You are being rather selective on what you want to believe from the education system.

See you believe the words about the shape of the Earth from "scientists" who believe in the big bang and evolution and do not believe in God. How about you try to refute the idea of a flat Earth from the scriptures instead. Good luck, you will fail. Hasn't been a Christian yet that has been able to back up their beliefs in the globe from the Bible.