LIFE SUCCESS Quote Of The Day- Day # 5

3년 전

Welcome to a #beautiful new day...


“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions ”
---- Stephen Covey

So many times we tell ourselves that we are not yet financially free because we didn’t get the right breaks in life. But we sometimes fail to see the decisions that we have been making.

I know for myself I have made some very bad decisions that have cost me a lot. And I have also lamented about the breaks I did not get in life too.

Making bad decisions is one wrong turn, continuing to make the same bad decisions will keep you stuck. You can change that today and empower yourself.

But I am beginning to realize that if I can change the decisions I make then I can change the outcome of my life. And that’s a very powerful thought!

Today I invite you to get pen and paper and just sit in a quiet place and reflect for a while.

Jot down 5 decisions you have made that you know is costing you right now and then put beside it what you can do consciously decide to either change it, change your attitude towards it or put a plan in place to make it better.

And while you do that I provide some quiet meditative music to help you to soothe away the guilt of the decisions and to put back your power back in your hands.

You are worthy of a better life. Take some time for yourself right now and do this.

I am wishing you a #beautiful and #creative weekend. Wishing you all the love that life has to offer. Have an #amazing day...

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This is so beautiful! I really like your posts.