The abduction...2nd chapter

3년 전

Between the film of tears that now blinds him, he sees her cloths are still intact beneath her duvet. Its as though the aliens have need for only her body. She must have been asleep when the teleportation occurred, for her cap still rests where her head used to be, and her Onesy still peeps from underneath her duvet. He remembers how this one time he stuffed his pillows beneath his coverlet, to sneak out to a party as a teenager. But only this time his little daughter has truly vanished without an iota of mischief.

He sinks to the floor and claws his nails into the butter cream rug beneath him."My life is ruined "he moans,as he struggles to make sense of the unfolding events.

Then he remembers Lucy,but he would now add 'cifer' to the b***ches name,he imagines. He would blame her for this. She seduced him this one time,with the taste of her honey lemon lips. With hips so voluptuous and buttocks protruding. On his desk late at night they played. But soon,on her king sized bed, he took refuge between her laps.

Kate was heavy then, with little precious and her hour glass figure evaporated with the months of her pregnancy. But Lucy was there to welcome him with a fragrance so alluring and till this day,his concubine remained. Just last night, they tangoed together.

Now, he knows that the aliens didn't surf the skies today. That it would be heartless to blame the scaly creatures, with slime,sliding down their fangs and jagged teeth.

He knows the truth. Kate once mentioned that this would occur.

1st Corinthians 15:52 she once read, from the book he barely touches.
"In a moment, in a twinkle of an eye, at the last trump, for the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed"

Kate was right and even though he scoffed at the time, he now knows she had been right the whole time. He trembles uncontrollably, crouching to the floor, as he sobs with excruciating angst.

He reaches for the mobile phone, cradled in his pocket and slides it, to find his contacts. Lucy Baby is the name he sights first on his frequently contacted list. He punches it to see if she's still here too. A familiar tone serenades his ear drum, even though he is irked that he once relished the tune.
It rings at length , and she doesn't pick. A voice in his head begins to scold. "With all the gymnastics with you, she manages to change in the nick of time, you fool"

"No!" He grunts, wailing aloud like a taunted child and pressing his phone again to his ears.

"She's never going to pick" the voice heckles on. But just then, another voice cuts through his thoughts."Hello Xs"...the familiar voice says, with a tinge of sombreness about it.

His tongue sticks to the roof of his mouth in shock. Its true...rapture had happened and they both had been left behind.

This imagined...let's all saunter back to now. Let talk about this. Jesus will come like a thief in the night,when no one expects. In a blink, the word as we know it will change forever. What folks think of you will matter little. It won't matter at all, truth be told. That said, get yourself ready for the Master's return. Don't scoff,just believe and help others believe too that JESUS is coming soon.

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