The abduction...chapter 1.

3년 전

Its an Idyllic day, the weather is crisp and the sun is shinning bright in the sky, seated in the midst of the cloud, slicing it rays through the heavenly fluffs. The stadium roars with fans cheering and whistling. Its the final of the world cup and the build up to this moment has been pulsating and enthralling to say the least. The ball is whisked into the air by an aggressive foot, but collides with the forehead of a contender in no time. Another kick, and the black and white sphere is tossed here and there.

It spins past a defender, tearing through the winds,as it heads towards the back of the net.But then, just then the keeper vanishes into thin air. A moment ago, he was dancing from side to side, stumping on the green close to the wood work, in an attempt to find the right spot that would enable him punch the ball further away.

But now, he is gone in the blink of an eye. He fizzled away, almost like a wisp of smoke,easing into oblivion. A spontaneous pull at the same time snatches another defender and then two strikers and the lines man at the far end of the court. One third of the spectators have also been taken away and all the commentators exclaims is "Sweet Jesus! UFOs are real" A horde suddenly begins to stampede towards the exit, whist the players remain stunned and statued, unable to flinch,'gargoyled' by the invisible light that has just 'clawed' their mates away.

Pandemonium erupts, the game ends impromptu and the once idyllic day is tainted by the disappearing act.

At the viewing center, Mr X is stunned to the bones, as he watches the screen before him.

"What just happened" he thinks, as his gaze brushes past the two empty seats that flank him. The girl and her man are gone too. The pair was seated in the chairs in front. But now, their cloths lay rippled against the concrete floor.
He is quivering now. No, trembling more like, and his heart is pounding so vehemently against his chest, it begins to hurt.

Like headless chickens, the others begin to scramble towards the exit. Screaming, yet mumbling words he could never make out. The viewing center is deserted in a matter of minutes."Goat has eaten the grass on my head!" He shouts as he dashes out too. In the street, there's pandemonium too, no one understands why UFOs would suddenly take interest in a random few. "Besides, what do they have in common, those unfortunate folks abruptly abducted?" Patrick the barber sputters to his customers as Mr X races past.

"Mr X! , I'm glad you're still around" he says, while Mr X ignores and heads homeward.

He is home now,vigorously striking the gate,for Kate to open. Kate his wife would be able to calm his rampaging nerves, he imagines, striking the gate once more. His knuckles are sore now but Kate would still not open up. "Aha!he remembers his key is still in his left pocket and hee excitedly plucks it out. He lets himself in and hurriedly pulls open the front door. The aroma of freshly fried plantain calms him. Kate must be in the kitchen,he concludes.

He sucks in air and saunters to the kitchen. A bowl of fried plantain sits on the work top, while the microwave still hums to the food that gently spins in its bosom. One minute, two seconds appears in green on the small screen to the left of its face. He sighs in relief, turning to the door. He notices the television is on, the decoder displays channel 154."Africa Magic", he quips and lets out a smirk. "Kate and Africa Magic" he mutters,starting towards the stair case.

Kate would be in the bed room his is sure. He takes four giant leaps and before long, the top of the stairs welcomes him. The room door creeks open, as he lets himself in. He can hear that the shower is running. so he matches to the bathroom in a hurry,eager to inhale Kate's lavender body wash. Her back would be turned to him, in the steam filled shower cubicle,while her light brown skin would glisten under the sprinkling shower.

Kate isn't there too, but her flip flops are pasted to the foot mat, with her towel curled up around them. His heart plummets into his belly, as he stares, nursing the whiff of trepidation that now numbs his muscles. He gets a grip on himself and races out the bathroom. Certainly, the aliens have gotten his wife, he assumes.

"Kate!" he yells stomping out of his room. His baby's room is adjacent and he sees that her bedroom light is on. Her milk white cot gazes back but seems not to harbour his infant child. His intestines twitch, he is sure he would vomit his heart. She's gone too.

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Great write-up on first part will wait for others to come...

Nice write up. Great story I must say. Abduction especially for children is something that must be taken seriously. Just a little tip I think you can make use of teardrop tag for this kind of story. Thanks for sharing.

Nice one.. This is a great literally work that requires Dictionary by the readers side.

Baba has shown us the power of pen again.... Amazingly sweet.


Baba has shown us
The power of pen again....
Amazingly sweet.

                 - teekingtv

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Hahahahaha...thaks sir.