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Dave and Clara have been
married for more than nine years
without children. They
stayed with each other
and hoped that they will
have children before their
10th year of marriage aniversary
because they were being
persuaded by families and friends to get a
divorce but they couldn’t
let go because of the love for each other.

Months came and passed.
Dave was returning
from work one fateful day, he
saw his wife walking down
the road with a man and
they looked happy together.

On another occassion, while
Dave was coming back
from work that evening, he saw that
same man drop her off at
the house. Dave became
angry, jealous and sad.

Ttree days
later, after a long day at
work, Dave was taking
water with a glass jug
when his wife's phone rang. He
Just picked it up and the
person said ‘hello my dear, I’ll
be coming to the house
this evening to see you as
promised. I hope your...’’
and just then, Dave hung up the

It was a man's
voice. He was sure the
person must be that man he
had been seeing with his wife lately. He
suddenly became shaky
with plenty thought, ‘’Have i really
lost my wife to another
man?’’ and at that point, the
glass of water fell off from his
hand and shattered into

Then Clara came running
towards her husband, asking, ‘’Is
everything okay darlene?’’ In anger
he gave his wife a hard push
and she fell down. She wasn’t
moving or getting up because she hit her head hard on the floor.

And that was when Dave realised that
she fell where he broke
the glass jug and a large
piece of glass has pierced
her head. He felt her
pulse, breath and heartbeat but
there she lay lifeless. His
wife was actually dead.

In total
confusion shown all over his face, he saw an
envelope in her palm. He
took it and opened it and was
shocked by it's content. It
was a letter and it says:

‘’ My dear loving husband,
words cannot express
how I feel righ now, so i had to
write it down in words. I have been
going to see a doctor for
over a week and wanted
to be sure before I give
you the good news. The doctor
confirmed it that I am
pregnant with a twin and
our babies will be due in 7
months from now.

doctor also happen to be
my brother
whom I lost contact with
after our marriage. He
promised to take care
of me and our babies, to
give us the best without
collecting any dime from us.

He also
promised to have dinner
with us here in our house today. Thanks to
you for standing by
me all this years...... I love you deeply dear. From your loving wife.

As the letter fell off
Dave’s hand, there was a
knock at the door and it
was the same man he had been
seeing with his wife... and
he said to him....’’ hello mr Dave, I
suppose am right sir, am
Maxwell, your wife’s youngest
brother.....’’And suddenly
he noticed his sister in the
pool of her blood on the floor .... he
rushed her to the hospital
but it was too late, his
sister is dead, as in Dave’s wife was
gone and so were the
twins too..

In our various relationships,
which include
marriage, we should not
be too quick in reacting
when we haven’t
questioned our partner or
spouse on what we saw
or heard about them which has not been verified yet.

Communication!!!, Trust, truth and
Patience are rare gifts we
can bring to our
relationship to make it a success.

Not everything we see or
hear or believe is right
about our partner.

And to every man or woman, I pray that patience will have her
perfect way in you and you will want nothing because patience is that great virtue you need to keep any relationship working blisfully.

Please, what's Your Sincere Submission/Opinion On This True Live Story?

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

On another ocassion, while.
It should be occasion instead of ocassion.

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Patience is really important in marriage. Thanks for the reminder


Patience is really
Important in marriage. Thanks
For the reminder

                 - adoore-eu

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

We men should learn to control our anger. Secret spoil relationships there should be no secret. Thanks for sharing bro.

we should not
be too quick in reacting
when we haven’t
questioned our partner or
spouse on what we saw
or heard about them which has not been verified yet.

A very good lesson for all to learn from. your story was very interesting.