The Real Truth of Judas Iscariot's life

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Before deciding anything about Judas let us see who was he?
As we know Bible tells us Judas was the son of Simon Iscariot see the reference John 13:26 to know his father's name is not much enough to describe him. Now you will ask what he used to do? Let us read the John 13:29 and you will know his profession. Yes, he was an accountant and he used to take money from the wallet or account means he was a thief. let's see another characteristic. we have to read John 12:3-6 to understand this. From here we get another point of his character, he was a business minded and a greedy person. "Greedy" this is the word which defines his character very clearly because this is the only word which gave him identity of a “DECEIVER”. but if I really say he was not a deceiver then you will think this person is totally mad but I can prove this if you are interested to know then please keep the reading continue….

so why I called he was not a deceiver to understand this line more clearly, we will go through verse 2 Samuel 24:16, 1 Corinthians 10:10 This verse says everything made for a purpose and Jesus knew for which purpose Judas made. That’s why Jesus said whatever you do, do it fast. Fine, we take an example to understand this a mango tree made to bring mangoes then it will bring mangoes only not bananas on other hand if it does not bring anything then it means not fulfilling the purpose for which it was made for. Which shows it is disobeying God’s plan. Agree till now? OK now move ahead.

if I say it was pre-planned by God himself to do so. at this point you will say “NO” means you are putting a question on Jesus’s selection. Which can never be wrong and if you say yes then how? We will read John 13:21-27 to understand this. Which shows Jesus knew everything already and Judas will do the same as he planned it by himself. My dear friends this line will not digest you and I am really sorry for this but “it was the master plan of God and The God only”.
He made everything to fulfill their purpose indeed. If you don't believe go through the scripture John 17:12 last line & John 6:70-71. Yes, he knew everything already. And can Jesus choose a Satan? Never, it was a part of His plan. Otherwise an ordinary person made a deal of God’s life within 30 silver coin. is it possible? not really.

Read Matthew 26:14-16, mark 14:10 & Matthew 27:3-5. Judas felt guilty not repented yes it was the only thing he did wrong nothing else. He just fulfilled God's plan. he did exactly same as he was created for. he was created to do so otherwise you and I were still be the sinner. he did the best job for which he was made for. so, from now onward when we make a wrong perception or point a finger to Judas just remember you are pointing to the God’s chosen one i.e. Jesus choose 12 disciples and you are pointing one of them means proving God's choice wrong. Not to repent after knowing living God was his blunder mistake.

hope you guys enjoy this conversation in the presence of the lord if you have anything to say share with us we will glad to listen you. And you really enjoyed just clap. Thank you.

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