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SANTA is a meme coin. It was introduced in November 2021, and abruptly industrial its personal stout online kinship in the original week. Its advertise capitalization level with just 12 million coins in readership reached $0.9 billion in mid-December and $1.5 billion in January 2022.
It is not a coincidence that SANTA became hugely well-liked inside such a dumpy spot of time. The high-quality of the star SANTA was not accidental; the assignment produced a plight of memes that revolved around this character.
The SANTA cooperation is garish and growing and is direct to each who requests to enroll in the pleasurable and be the duty of shop a new planet for the complete of us to live in together.


SANTA is a meme coin that was introduced in November 2021. It instantly urban its personal intense online district contained by the originator week.
Its mission is to fetch ecstasy and cheer the entire world, and it does as a result by scattering local holiday cheer, bountiful presents to kids, tipping for clever deeds, pleasing advantage behavior, dispersion love, etc.

The baptize SANTA stands for "Satoshi's nameless Transactions" or occasionally "Satoshi's twelve-monthly Transactions". The logo is a portrait of Santa Clause with his sled pulled by 9 reindeer. The logo was deliberate by one of the primary members of the community, who won a contest detained by the other members to coin the logo.
SANTA is in fact a fork of Bitcoin that uses SHA256 as a proof-of-work algorithm as a substitute for SHA256d, which makes it easier for miners to extract on GPUs as an alternative to ASICs. As such, it shares a good number of Bitcoin's codebase except for the PoW algorithm, but it does retain its hold exclusive skin as well.


If you ponder the cost of SANTA as a meme coin, the total history might be rewritten as follows:
November 2021: The head batch of 100.000.000 SANTA was issued.
December 2021: 1 SANT = 0.00001 BTC, assess is 0.00000029 BTC/SANT, soothing liquidity and stumpy discussion volume, SANT at rest anonymous by the largest part people, but rapidly fast popularity on the internet and shared media.

On December 2021, SANTAs essential stop traveler was launched by 2bacco and was fast followed by an extra one by CrazyLoaf.
January 2022: 1 SANT = 0.000015 BTC, cost is 0.00000049 BTC/SANT, SANTs are at the moment celebrated to loads of bitcoiners and hold been mentioned quite a lot of epoch in the bitcoin subreddit r/bitcoin.
February 2022: 1 SANT = 0.00004 BTC, assess is 0.000001 BTC/SANT, SANT the people has full-fledged a portion and reaches a million users online at completely time, a grouping of new army obtain been urban alongside with new websites and communities creature formed every day for SANTAs sake.
March 2022: 1 SANT = 0.00015 BTC, cost is 0.000004 BTC


Its last name was preferred to be a rumination of the piece of evidence that it requirements to be a factor to the planet and command somebody to it an improved place. It's a meme coin for the reason that it desires to make happen backward to the neighborhood and stop fill with in their every day lives.
Short-lived History:
SANTA is having a intricate switch on appropriate to hooligan attacks from its leading competitor, Bitcoin Cash. However, SANTA proves its concentration by on the road to recovery hurriedly from these attacks. The value of SANTA starts on the increase exponentially and reaches its mountaintop on January 2022.
January 10, 2022: Bitcoin tough forks once more and becomes Bitcoin coins positive (BCP), with in half the frustrate extent boundary of BCH.
May 10, 2022: Bitcoin coins as well as changes its identify to Bitcoin Gold (BTG) and reduces the blockade mass border unchanging foster in an have a go to grab to GPU miners.
November 2021: SantaCoin becomes the original most important cryptocurrency with quantum resistance as soon as it shifts from by means of SHA-256 to via Blake-256. This is standard positively by mutually envelop avenue and the cryptocurrency community, as earlier quantum opposed to coins had futile for the reason that they were not backwards similar with obtainable hardware/software or old algorithms that were moreover hang-up for CPUs or GPUs to paddock efficiently, but SantaCoin adopts an algorithm that be capable of keep on efficiently on any CPUs.

SANTA is a meme coin. pardon? does that mean?
The period 'meme coin' was coined by the legendary Dogecoin identity in the past in 2014 to explain any coin which has its attach importance to primarily consequent from online collective interaction. This is in draw a distinction to other coins which are generally second-hand as a way of exchanging possessions and services.
An exemplar for this would be the infamous Coinye (COYE) which was introduced in initial 2014 and swiftly became the laughing deal in of the crypto the public right and proper to numerous copyright infringement lawsuits against the developers, who had named it after Kanye West's podium name. Coinye's usefulness collapsed practically at once after it was bare that the developers were facing decided above-board repercussions for this action, but it did control to prevail on as much as necessary footing amongst users before its decline to structure a slight but loyal online group of people who nevertheless trade COYE today.
Since in that case numerous other meme coins produce been introduced, largely notably Dogecoin, with a shared promote cap exceeding $300 million USD as of January 2016.
Meme coins are extremely effortless to originate and know how to be made subsequently without any opening investment, as every aid towards a new coin are voluntary and frequently happy individual with a petite communicate of newly produced coins. This makes life of new meme coins a potentially profitable project.



-team assemble

  • Homepage Design, Smart contract audit
  • Dapp and Swap Exchange launch
  • IDO on Pinksale, launch on Pancakeswap
  • listing on Coingecko, CoinmarketCap
    ★ NOV & DEC 2021
  • Marketing
    Aggressive marketing, press-releases, youtube promos, twitter influencers
    ★ FEBRUARY 2022
    Launch of our play to earn Car racing NFT game and strategic partnerships with celebrities in gaming industry
    ★ MARCH 2022
  • CEX listings, more aggressive marketing campaign
    ★ Q2 2022
    ★ Q3 2022
    ★ Q4 2022

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