It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

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It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

I love Christmas, and Christmas as a mom is amazing. It makes my kids happy and Santa Claus is magical. I am about 75% certain that my oldest (14 years old) doesn't believe in Santa anymore (once you know about sex I'm quite certain belief in Santa goes out the window), but he hasn't ruined it for the younger ones.

I've always been a low key Christmas decorator, just one tree for me please and two weeks prior to the big event is plenty of time for me to enjoy the decor.

Yesterday, I went to the shed and brought everything in. Of course many of the lights didn't work so after a short dash to the store, I ended up restringing the lights a second time.


My Kids Homemade Decorations are the Best

I will likely display these in my house for the remainder of my life. I love the various crafts and ornaments my kids bring home from school around Christmas time. They always make my heart happy.

I am allergic to pine trees so we have a fake tree every year, we use to have a smaller one. When the kids were tiny humans putting a small one on a chair or table was the safer bet. Last year, I decided I wanted a bigger tree, and bought this 6 foot fake one for around $25. I do not have an OCD issues (not where it concerns the Christmas tree anyways) so I string the lights and the kids hang the ornaments, I think they did a fine job!


Happy (pre)Christmas Pals!

All the Love-


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Going all out. Expert decorations with the homemade touch :)

The closest I am going to get to a Christmas tree is if the put one on my cigarette packet.

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