19 Things You Need To Know About Chronically Ill People

2년 전

I found this list floating around my Facebook feed. So I edited it lightly, and shared it there. I know it's not original content, but I felt the need to share it with my blog readers on Steem.

  1. If we had the choice, we would never cancel plans.
  2. Our illness won’t just go away. It isn’t a cold.
  3. We don’t know how to answer you when you ask us if we’re feeling better. Because we aren’t… and we might never be.
  4. Sometimes, all we need is to just know you are here for us.
  5. We have exhausted all resources, so if there was a cure, we would know about it. But thank you for trying, and finding holistic and alternatives cures and treatments.
  6. We’re trying very hard to lead a life.
  7. Some days, it’s a struggle just to get out of bed. But on other days, we feel as if we could run at least part of a marathon! It is as confusing to us as it is to you.
  8. We have a difficult time explaining how it feels to suffer from chronic pain.
  9. We need a lot of sleep and we still wake up tired.
  10. Please, please do not tell us that someone, somewhere has it worse than we do.
  11. You’d think dealing with pain on a daily basis would mean we've gotten used to it know how to manage it. Nope.
  12. We don’t want you to stop asking us to hang out. No matter how many times we have to say no or cancel.
  13. Just because you haven’t heard of our condition doesn’t mean it isn’t real.
  14. We may not look sick, but we are sick.
  15. We don’t necessarily want sympathy, we just want acceptance. We just want our feelings and conditions to be validated by you and society.
  16. We can’t just take medicine and make it all go away. Would be great if we could.
  17. More often than not, we want you to ask us about our condition.
  18. It may be a little difficult for us to listen to your adventures.
    But it’s not because we don’t care, it's because we want to have adventures of our own, and sometimes pain makes it hard to focus and listen.
  19. And most of all, we want you to know we appreciate you and everything you do.
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I see a lot more people using positive self talk and powerful statements that resonate with themselves and create a better emotional state when done correctly. This article is a great stepping stone towards that awesome habit - I really liked reading this 👍🏼

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Ohhhh, I hear you! We have exhausted all resources, so if there was a cure, we would know about it. But thank you for trying, and finding holistic and alternatives cures and treatments. Add to that,
You've got to do something about your (pick a condition)!
Family members, frustrated and annoyed with us, insisting we have to try yet another doctor even though countless others have left us feeling worse, not better, and with $$$ bills for useless procedures. The biggest rip-off, I found, was the phsy-i-a-trist (not psy-chia-a-trist). "Pain specialist." Trying to sell people on snake-oil tricks. The herbal remedies seem to be more effective for less money. I've had some luck with a chiropractor (not much) and with a physical therapist who teaches deep breathing-- perhaps the most embarassing diagnosis ever: I don't know how to breathe??-- but it turns out most people don't. Who knew.
I wish you well, and hope you'll find something that helps! I have to admit my chronic daily headache is signifcantly better now that I try deep breathing--and a big part of it is exhaling to the point that you wring out your rib cage.

One of the greatest benefits of deep breathing is its ability to aid detoxification of the body. When we take shallow breaths we’re not ridding the body of as much carbon-dioxide – the waste product of gas exchange – as we can.
If we don’t efficiently remove carbon dioxide through breathing, other organs must take over the task, causing additional stress and increasing our risk of illness.


I practice mindful breathing and yoga that has some deep breathing exercises.


Glad to hear you're already doing that, but sorry it apparently is not helping much!


"Deep breathing releases endorphins which boost our mood and naturally kill pain. Taking in more oxygen also promotes better blood-flow and energy release, which gives us the boost we need to manage pain and physical exertion." It's so simple, anyone can do this. And I can attest that it does seem to help, along with an acupressure mat that I use with the deep breathing exercises.


That said, I still have headaches. But not as bad as before.