Chronoboost delegators payout for 12/18/2018

2년 전

Chronoboost Daily Investor Payout


Thank you to all current chronoboost delegators.
Please see your payout for today below.

DelegatorSteem PowerSteem PayoutSBD Payout

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100% profit! You get exactly 100% from your delegation proportionaly to the delegation amount. You also can delegate to @chronoboost by clicking on the below links and earn 100% share profit with daily payouts:

10 SP,20 SP,30 SP,40 SP,50 SP,75 SP,100 SP

150 SP,200 SP,250 SP,300 SP,400 SP,500 SP,1000 SP,2000 SP,2500 SP,3000 SP,4000 SP,5000 SP,6000 SP,7000 SP,8000 SP,9000 SP,10000 SP,15000 SP,20000 SP,25000 SP,30000 SP,35000 SP,40000 SP,45000 SP,50000 SP,60000 SP,70000 SP,80000 SP,90000 SP,100000 SP,150000 SP

or Fill in any amount of Steem Power.

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Если бы у меня было много денег, я бы тоже делегировала!