Perdomo Reserve Champagne 10th Anniversary Cigar Review


My review of Perdomo Reserve Champagne 10th Anniversary I smoked last night.


First off the cold draw was very light with a hint of woody and leathery taste. The toasting to light it was easily performed and the first draw was, to me surprisingly spicy but mild in smoothness in the mouth as I savored the start of the session.

The retrohale had a nice bite to it, but not to strong that lingered with spiciness and also hint of creamy almond notes. The first third mainly consisted of the above mentioned, but as I approached the second third or halfway point it mellowed out and smoothly transitioned from the leather and cedar flavors to a pleasant smooth and mildness of light tasting smoke.


The last third I noticed the bite of the spices came back but it was not as harsh as one my think it would be, it was nice. The retrohale was kind of dank and pungent but not at all in a bad way. This was a cigar I normally don't buy because I love robust full favor sticks but this right here truly surprised me right from the beginning.


I will be buying more to add to my collection and I would recommend you guys to try it.
Please.....share your experiences with us all and as how we do it.....Smoke Up!!!!!

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