Cindicator (CND) Likely to Correct Before Rising

3년 전

Cindicator (CND) has risen while Bitcoin has been correcting. CND has put in all the five waves and Elliott Waves states that after five waves, a requisite correction follows. This is analyzed in the video.

YouTube Link:

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I have followed Cindicator closely since the beginning of the ICO. I believe CND will explode once it gets listed on a big exchange:

Low 20mil mcap, only 4000 holders, rigid KYC
Competitor Numeraire went up to marketcap of over 200mil when it was listed on Bittrex. That would be 10x
Cindicator has held tight like no other coin over these bearish last weeks
Cindicator wer extremely selective when choosing investors. I have never seen anything like this. You had to write an essay if you wanted to get an allocation
Absolutely no Bonus. Same price for everyone
No Dumping, just some swing trades between high 40s and 50s
If you check the contracts on ED, you see that's it just a few whales accumulating more CND
Loads of people still have no idea about CND. When CND starts pumping, everyone wants to get onboard because this project has everything investors are looking for
They already have a fully usable product. You can download it on the app store. Only few other coins have this and most of them are 150mil++ mcaps!
Check the updated roadmap here:
Lots of people are waiting for their products: Arbitrage Bot, Indicators & Price Levels, ICO ratings: YES PLEASE!
Usual way for coins: ED and perhaps some low volume exchanges like Hitbtc or Mercatox. Later a bit higher volume exchanges like Liqui or Binance and if lucky, the coin gets picked up by a big exchange like Bittrex or Bitfinex. Once a coins hits an exchange with volume like Binance, people put a price on it. It is much harder to go 3x from there. And most coins dumped on Binance. CND is not officially listed and doesn't have an official price yet. Binance wanted to list them but they said no. CND will directly hit a big exchange.
I believe this will be a legendary pump!

Edit: 20mil cap is fully diluted!


They are definitely listed on binance. I have bought there and transferred to my cindicator wallet


Yeah, I got it on binance too... that's a big exchange at this point.


What are you talking about. CND's market cap is way more than 20 million. It's currently about 438 million.
And besides CND is most definitely on Binance. Do your research b4 speculating prices.


Can't find in Bittrex so I open an account in Binance and buy it from there.

  ·  3년 전

Binance is better than Bittrex in my opinion, good choice

The reason Cindicator is climbing even when Bitcoin is falling its because
Cindicator was the coin given as a recommendation by some analysts as a strong buy.

LOL, it has risen because of this:

And great to know to not jump on it yet but patiently wait for the correction ;-)

Going to delegate my witness votes to you @haejin . But maybe we should make you a witness?

People saying $CND is a pump and dump should read the PBC report. Cindicator IS undervalued, but no one can be bothered reading whitepapers or even go on project websites anymore. $crypto

This ones a long term hodl for me... accumulate at these low prices...

Muchas gracias por compartir tus análisis

Would be much appreciated to have your views on EOS and BTS. Thanks so much @haejin !

Nice! I made 29% in it in three hours last night, happened to see it rising and decided to place a bet (didn't email you when I sold it).

It has run in the past half hour! I had gotten in at 2079, and out at 2680 after it had risen to almost 3000, just shy. Since this analysis was posted, it has gone up over 3300! And it's now at 3020.

Cindicator did really well today!

Here is the chart from the video:

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 9.25.24 PM.png

Great TA! Nice you see you start to cover some of these small cap alts

I am glad to say I have a few of these coins.

I'm warning you all! there isnt much time! The poobot monster! Run!

Very informative and we're ready......

good pos, thanks information


I have reasons to support @salahuddin2004. Look at his predictions few hours ago and it's now flying. Thank you @salahuddin2004


I have reasons to support @salahuddin2004. Look at his predictions few hours ago and it's now flying. Thank you @salahuddin2004


Haejin Exposed.