Why did my life and finance change after buying new camera ?

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As mentioned in my previous post, I bought a new camera and maybe i haven't realised what is a essential gear that such camera needs. So it all started with recording on my mirorless camera sony a6300. I have quickly noticed that something is not right when i try to grade the footage, after a research i found out that sony a6300 has only 8 bit color image (which means picture only has 256 different colors), and in order to grade like in a movies, or if you want to make a look that you want you need at least 10bit picture (1024 colors) that's a lot more colors than 8bit right?


Great so i did some research what should I buy... the option was external recorder called ninja atomos V which records 10bit footage on all DSLR or mirorless cameras (costs around 1000$) Not a big deal right? But then i started to look at new cameras. Panasonic GH5 was a great choice for this, it has everything and it costs around 2000$, but then again you need new lenses etc. Later on i found this blackmagic company which just made new camera called pocket 4k or 6k version, really small camera that records raw 12bit, 60fps on 4k or 6k and it even has a dual iso option. What a great camera !! But that wasn't enough to me, the camera is way too small, and you need to rig it up with Vlock batteries and ssd etc. In the end the camera is not that small. It didn't take long until i found blackmagic Ursa mini 4k and Big ursa 4k. I fell in love with big Ursa, why? Because it has so many extra options for sound, video etc. and it has freaking 120fps on 4k 12bit which i think no camera has in this price range, freaking beast but heavy beast ! So yeah i decided to take the risk and bought big Ursa. For studio work this camera is all you need, if you have it on tripod, but as soon as you go out it requires some expensive gear, not to mention the tripod is no cheap either, for such heavy cameras all gadgets are expensive, it's whole new world and new price range.


Not long ago i was actually Director of photography for a documentary movie, which was new but awesome experience for me, and i did the shooting with big ursa handheld and even i had to do the focus manually.


But let's get back to the what does a camera like this need:

  • Fast writing SSDs, one second of the footage on big Ursa is 450 mb, which means 256gb SSD lasts only 30minutes of footage
  • A lot of storage on your PC in order to save all the RAW files
  • Powerful computer in order to edit the footage
  • heavy duty tripod
  • wireless focus system
  • Steadycam in order to stabilize such heavy camera
  • Alot of Vlock batteries which are not cheap !
  • And ofcourse some EF lenses i bought 24mm,35mm,50mm,85mm,100mm,135mm
  • Let's not forget on this very last important thing that are lights. This camera is not good in low light situation which means you will need some film lights. (that is one thing that i still haven't bought because there are so many on the market and really expensive) Right now i am looking towards Arri fresnels tungsten 2000w (x3)



Let me know if you want to see some footage from the new camera, and i hope this post helps if you mean to buy new professional camera. Not to mention getting into video business can be extremely expensive.



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You still have your drones?


I still have my drone yeah ! But i am actually selling it right now and upgrading it. I will wait till the new ones come this year and if they will be really good i'll buy the newest. otherwise my go to drone atm is DJI mavic 2 pro


Nice. I was considering the mavic 2 pro as well. which once do u think u'll get aftewards?


that's the best affordable drone atm on the market ! We will see what they will make this year, their competition just made 8k resolution drone, but it's false marketing it's not really true 8k resolution, we will see if they will compete with them. Otherwise my dream drone is ofcourse DJI inspire 2 (but as much as i am using it, it's way to pricey...maybe one day :)