Steemit is great, but now we need to open wider than the cryptocurrencies world.

5년 전

We are at a point where most of our community is cryptocurrencies related, and that is not good.

Ok, you guys cryptohead made the platform, mined for it and vouch for it. But non tech related people are needed here, and you know it too.

Why do we need to open to a wider audience?

Because the most we are, the better Steemit get. That is simple.

The current source of new people will tail off. The cryptocurrencies community is quite small, we can see the same usernames everywhere, and the number of persons ready to get involve with Steemit will fade out one day.

Because we need the early majority to stand out.

We are only on the first stage here, early adopters, you and me, geeks. That's cool, we are between us. But the number of users raise very slowly compared to the exponential growth we should have.

See, the average does't have the nice curve we are looking for.

We also have to keep in mind that more and more people don't use their accounts.

In the past 24 hours, only 50% of the accounts were used.
In the past 7 days, only 2/3 of the accounts were used.

And if we look closely, the actives users are mostly the whales and other big users of Steemit. The newcomers don't use their account. So we need new people to counter that, and keep a steady growth with active users.

Just so you know, all the biggest success had a product that was made for the mass adoption. We can't sustain without the people, because the users will have a turn over, and if nobody come here to speak their minds, we will not have new great content anymore.

Why will it be difficult to get new people here

Because of the competition and the sentiment of inequality between the newcomers and the already present users. This will drive people that come for the first time to don't come back.

Cryptocurrencies is cool because we, advanced users, know how to use it, where to trade it and how to cash out. But the world don't know how to do all of that. I have to admit __I found it quite difficult when I first wanted to bought Bitcoin. __
I know that I will have to buy my friends Steem with real cash, because they will find to difficult the actual cash out system, and this is bad. To be adopt a platform as to be easy to use.

I lost almost 100$ during the time I wrote this article, because of the price volatility. This can frighten people and will restrain them to invest money.

And last but not least, many detractors are already talking about Steemit. They try to show it with a bad image. They tell that it is a scam coin and a ponzi scam. This, even if it is not true, will put doubt in the potential users, that will not try to get into Steemit.

So now, do the best to get as many non cryptocurrencies related people here, to help Steemit get to the mass market.

I am at 3 people so far, what about you?

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There so many people Iam far to. It is sad and difficult
Nice blog. Hope to see more