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The CitiOS is one of the numerous blockchain technology-based project that aim to
provide a solution to the city with errorless services and machine to machine payment. The CitiOS centers around managing issues that are identified with the environment, power, and rapid urbanization. Settling the issues, the project has a mission to make smart cities, which is a like a dream expected for the world.

There has been an obvious effect of the environment because of pollution advertisement the rapid depletion of assets. This has helped into the expanded number f natural disasters that we are encountering now. In view of this, it has gotten obligatory for us to track the effects of such disasters so we can recoup better and wasteful way. There is an expanded requirement for illuminating the urban communities current difficulties, along with energy-related issues. The project expects to give security , wellbeing, and lessen regional conflicts just as the pressing issues of the environment.

Features Of CitiOS

The developing nations have poor infrastructure, and the vast majority of them are pre-colonial, and appropriate data investigation is expected to check its reasonability against nature. The CitiOS project has a mission to explain the issues, as mentioned here. The CitiOS needs to annihilate these issues just as help the nations to accomplish the supportable advancement objectives set by the United Nations.

To do this, they have structured five prime projects of the projects.

1: The first is to apply the combination of cutting edge computing and NM500 AI chips, which will be arranged and handled by the Alliance. With the use of the refreshed LoRa -private protocol, the Sensor Networks will be moved.

2: The second one is to have the immediate communication of the internet of things devices with one another through MESH and continue task without the dependence of the central server.

3: Third, the users or members or the owner of devices will have a unique blockchain ID, which will empower them to follow them totally. Along these lines it makes a reliable system that will have a total record of transaction history and differ the degree of nodes will guarantee a system with hardware-failure proof capacity.

4: Fourthly, there will be influence for the cryptocurrency, which will guarantee high transaction speed with no expense, and there will be a way for scaling for applications that request H2M and M2M.

5: And finally, the P2P data exchange system will help in using and spreading the internet of things data through the elimination of the middlemen just as increasing the reliability with the usage of the blockchain identity certification.


Since the start of the internet and PC, the world has been evolving rapidly. With the expanded advancement, we have gained the internet of things, artificial intelligence , and blockchain technology, which is step by step forming our general public. This change is named the fourth modern revolution, and it is occurring around us as of now. In this manner the CitiOS project plans to have an implanted Neuromorphic chip supported by the AI which will be the base of the internet of things sensors.

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