Cityscape Photography: City Above the Clouds

3년 전

Hi my dear steemit friends, This is my entry for #cityscapephotography contest by @juliank

This is a stretch of residential lights at night in the middle of the cold city of Lut Tawar lake, Central Aceh, Aceh Province.

MakeCanon EOS 60D
Focal Length80.0 mm
ISO Speed100

The Lut Tawar lake is a lake surrounded by many high mountains and fresh water. The atmosphere of this cool lake like life in nature filled with snow.

Lake Lut Tawar is located beside the town of Takengon Central Aceh, many local and foreign tourists come to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of this city, especially at night.

See the beauty of the city from a height, do you like traveling to this cold city? If you like, I will accompany you when you arrive in Aceh.

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woww i thought it was in which city, very cool photo.👍👍👍


That is the city in our country @bedusaini, I'm very proud the city like that, though still left behind with other cities. Thanks

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Beautiful scenery, good shooting, you are very proficient @zirgraff


Thanks @yushadiyunus, you are always present in my post

Hi @azirgraff, you did well, i will take a vacation to that place.


Hi @mmcsteem, I will accompany you while you are vacationing there

  ·  3년 전

spending night in the cool city is very beautiful, I will visit there. your photo is great @azirgraff


If you spend night on the city over cloud it must be beautiful @dift, you can come and take a vacation there

Luar Biasa.....

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I just realized that "takengon city" is very crowded now and very beautiful at night. I really miss my hometown...


Hi @amaliaazzahra, welcome in my post. If you miss him, go home to release your longing, that's the city where you were born

  ·  3년 전

I agree this is a very beautiful expanse of lights in the middle of the cold city, lake Lut Tawar, Central Aceh, Aceh Province, and thank you for sharing a very beautiful picture.


Hi @mull, thanks to visit my blog

Very beautiful works of amazing results @jirgraf shots