Martin's TravelAwesome Photo Series #12 - Cuba: ¡Patria o Muerte, Venceremos! Part Dos.

3년 전

What I like about Cuba is that it has many sides. The good, the bad and the ugly. The good? Combine low-cost living, perfect winter weather and more than 300 beautiful beaches surrounded by turquoise seas and you know why people would like to live there (and at least visit the place!) The bad? For individual US tourists it may be hard to visit the place once again... Also, although violent crime is very uncommon, petty crime is quite common and at times harder to avoid. The ugly? Talk China Town. Perhaps the only China Town in the world without China-linked inhabitants. Today part two of Cuba's photo series!


All photography in this article is original and mine

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For me, highlights of Cuba includes the Spanish colonial towns of Havana (art deco architecture and vintage American cars are still here, yes!) and Trinidad, as well as the beautiful landscapes of the Viñales Valley. Crime is relatively low compared to countries of similar development:

“There is almost no gun crime, violent robbery, organised gang culture, teenage delin­quency, drugs or dangerous no-go zones.” If a local comes at you holding a machete, he’s probably about to split open a coconut for you." - Lonely Planet.













Aaaaah those beaches! Cuba features everything from vast stretches of golden sand to hidden tropical bays. Go find out yourself!

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nice pix i like it. wasome world.

Cuba looks like that time wheel stopped in 1958 year

Awesome photos indeed and full of life.
I love your photography very much.
Keep it up

Cuba's an awesome place to travel to, looks like the beaches are nice to check out! My american friend wasn't able to go there for years, and heck even the import of Cuban cigars still is illegal there. But now more and more tourists will be piling on, the economy will grow in no time. Good post! #upvoted

  ·  3년 전

Nice shots!....:)...

If you like it so much why don't you stay in the "communist paradise"? Renounce your capitalist dollars, traveling passport and stay forever like a regular cuban...

It's too easy to go there for a week, look at the caged zombies from an air conditioned bus on the way to the hotel or a closed resort, cherry pick photos of the few places not destroyed by the communist regime and then say how wonderful it was. That's not Cuba, you visited a Potemkim Village.

Actual Cuban writing here

I haven't thought about visiting Cuba, but with these pictures, I'd love to visit this great country.

Love the colourful cars!

Nice photos. I wish I could take good photos like that. I once posted a travel post under photography and someone criticized me for my poor photos. I never dared to post anything under photography ever again. lol.

Upvote and resteem. Not because your photos are worth it, but to demonstrate the exponential and manipulative lobby power of Steemit.

Nice set of photos my friend, now I will follow you, Thank you for sharing!

Hola @Martinphoto es siempre agradable ver imágenes de Cuba y aún no he elegido la foto para mi acuarela poner más fotos gracias amigo:)

Hasta siempre!

Aprendimos a quererte
desde la histórica altura
donde el sol de tu bravura
le puso cerco a la muerte.
Aquí se queda la clara,
la entrañable transparencia,
de tu querida presencia
Comandante Che Guevara.
Tu mano gloriosa y fuerte
sobre la historia dispara
cuando todo Santa Clara
se despierta para verte.
Aquí se queda la clara,
la entrañable transparencia,
de tu querida presencia
Comandante Che Guevara.
Vienes quemando la brisa
con soles de primavera
para plantar la bandera...


Thanks for the pics, Cuba looks so great, I cant imagine one spending vacation there!!!

Wow awesome your every photography really awesome .I am interesting visit this place.

Nature is more than I enjoy. In particular, this brick wood captured from a busy mechanical life of a fictitious camera might have taken us some time to nature.

I want to go to Cuba because I think it's an excellent country to make incredible photos, it's like traveling back in time. But I do not have enough resources, so whenever I can, I travel to different cities within my country and try to make the best possible pictures. Photos like these:

Mompox, Colombia

Bocas de Ceniza, Barranquilla-Colombia.

Was it your first time visiting Cuba? If no how much it has changed since the USA/Cuba new friendship?

Beautiful place...i still marvel seeing those old guys there...i mean those cars, lol. I can't recall seeing that models around town. Well, i think no part of the world is crime free. Its just a mystery of humanity. Nice pictures...look forward to more

Wow!!! These are so beautiful, thank you for sharing! I grew up in St Croix, I’ve always wanted to visit Cuba

I think the collections are so beautiful... I really enjoyed watching your photos. Thank you for sharing

Very beautiful place

Sir your all photos are just too good and talking about your photography skill its just extremely good.learn a lot from your BEAUTIFUL photographs.

nice photoes

Very nice photo !!!

cool pics nice work great job.

Good article, congrats for sharing us, I´m very proud because I´m from Latinamerican, and you with these post show the beauty of this wonderful caribbean island to wide world who speak english, by the way there is a lot of bad things, like in my country,Venezuela, We are suffering a lot for a lot of troubles now, but the important is highlight the good of each one.
I hope it everything be better all over the world
Grettings fron Venezuela
I invit yuo to visit my blog @mjoa07

There are so many destination in Cuba such as HAVANA, A BEACH OF VARADERO, TRINIDAD, CAYO GUILLERMO and also the beautiful forest of VINALES. CUBA also is one of the most entertainment country because of their popular dance like salsa and other dances hope that you will enjoying visiting Cuba country..

The more I see your photos about Cuba, the more I confirm that Cuba is not everything that people talk about or at least not as I imagine it, it's so beautiful I'm falling in love with Cuba, it looks so magical from the time of the 80

Hermosas fotos, gracias por compartir una buena manera de viajar con solo ver esas imágenes tan agradables, gracias por compartir.

Very good post,
very useful for those who read it. thank you

nice post men!

Excelentes fotografías, @martinfhoto.

Yes true, it's cuba looks like that time wheel stopped in 1958 year

Simplemente me encantan los paisajes de cuba

Fascinating photos of scenery in Cuba!

Cuba is really a nice place to visit it is know for cheap medical facility lot of American visit cuba for medical treatment because medical is very costly in USA

Moments yang sangat baik untuk mareka

its really awesome , i want to visit it someday sooo interesting country and specially those old cars everywhere, will give you the feelings that you back to 60s or 70s maybe :D
thank you for sharing this great article and please keep it up

great photos you shared following you now

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wow this is amazing .This is the perfect shots to take it owsum worked .

wow! awesome! amazing photography. thank you so much for share this.

  ·  3년 전

If you like colonial buildings i recommend to see Merida and Valladolid on Yucatan as well. Also pretty easy to travel there.

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Heyi nice post. Recently i saw a documentary on Fidel Castro , Cuban dictator. I really liked those Cuban cultures and those sugarcane's :) and now after watching your post , i just wanna go visit Cuba once :)

Cuba is 1 of the place where Coca Cola is not allowed. Interesting place

Very nice photos! Everything is nice and colorful. Very beautiful architecture and beach. Everything is amazing :)

I just spent six months in Mexico and was planning to renew my visa in Cuba where I left my heart so many years ago. It didn't work out but I was longing to revisit one of the most unique countries in my opinion.

Those photos make my heart happy and sad at the same time. Thank you for sharing them.

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It's the beauty of Cuba the old cars the old buildings, also your photos help a lot are well taken I hope the people in Cuba come out ahead

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Your photos tell amazing stories, you have really succeeded in capturing the atmosphere and it looks somehow romantic... You have a new fan ;) Thank you!

kinda love these pictures and the people of this region

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Wow! the photographs that I liked the most are the ones of the animals, yeah! great post

Just today we had a chat with friends about Cuba. I like your photos... what camera and kens do you use? Very cool coloref cars on streets!

Really awesome pics. Many thanks for showing them. to visit Cuba is definitely on my wish list. 💜

It is a bittersweet place. The beaches seem pristine; the architecture hearkens back to the 1950's and 60's but its undeniable sense that regime has not lead to prosperity for all. The country appears stuck in a time warp after the fall of Batista. That photo of the child with her mother shows the girl's curiosity but it is poignant at the same time.

Have you been to Cuba prior to the lifting of the sanctions by the US? I would be keen to know how your photography or experience has changed from then to now. :)

I've never been to Cuba, but your pictures remind me of Peru. Old world Spanish colonial architecture mixed in with obsolete "modern" technology, like the cars (from the 50's and 60's), electric/telephone wires strung haphazardly across streets and buildings, yet the streets are crowded with people talking and texting on the latest smart phones. It's a strange mix of old and new world, poverty and wealth, clean but dilapidated, all at the same time.

It's like being in Disneyland, visiting a particular theme area where it almost looks like the structures and the costumes are fake...but it's real world stuff.

Hopefully I'll make it to Cuba one day to see for myself. Thanks for stuff!

muy buenas tu posts, lo colonial y calido es lo que le resulta interesantes para muchos, su historia y su gente.... excelente

because with the togetherness despite the different places, let us succeed with the affection of the hands only mengevote blog our colleagues @zuhrafriska


All your photos are amazing, I feel like planning a vacation to Cuba <3

Wonderful Capturing buddy,, as a photographer I look on every pictures that photographer have great skill... Sometimes try to upload BW pictures, because bw looks history place of cuba. Awesome LOL... See u next time.

Nice photography with great description. I would like to go there once. BTW I am waiting for next one.

Awesome pictures :) I want to believe that Cuba having escaped globalization for so long, and not having so many unnecessary products, they have escaped plastic pollution which is so common and an eyesore in the West, am I right?

Quiero visitar Cuba. Pero, quando. No sabe. Creo que Cuba es muy linda.

  ·  3년 전

Cuba, old but ageless in all dimensions.

I had only heard about Cuba until today. It surely is beautiful. I would love to visit Cuba once. I am a beach person and this does seem very enticing.

I must say that some of your pictures are awesome. Love the colors in the cars

Great photos :)

Very good)

What I like about Cuba is that it has many sides. The good, the bad and the ugly. The good? Combine low-cost living, perfect winter weather and more than 300 beautiful beaches surrounded by turquoise seas and you know why people would like to live there (and at least visit the place!) The bad? For individual US tourists it may be hard to visit the place once again... Also, although violent crime is very uncommon, petty crime is quite common and at times harder to avoid. The ugly? Talk China Town. Perhaps the only China Town in the world without China-linked inhabitants. Today part two of Cuba's photo series!

Gracias por esta serie fotográfica de Cuba. Mostrarnos sus encantos y sus lugares. Muy buena la selección y muy diversificada. Gracias por compartir. Excelente post. Un abrazo @martinphoto

Simply superb! A nice place a nice photo , well done sir."

Very beautiful photos. I particularly like the first one with the city’s architecture that’s colorful and the cars in front are colorful and detailed. I especially like the one with the white big capital looking building a shining pretty blue car. Great characteristic captured.

Hola @martinphoto! I love your pics of Cuba. It is such a beautiful country. My wife and I had the opportunity in February (2018) to take a pink 1957 taxi from our hotel in Veradero to Cardenas. I took some pics you and or your followers may be interested in. Russian "Freemason" Lodge in Cardenas, Cuba, February, 2018 I have many more pics that I want to post to my blog in future. Thank you for sharing!

What a lovely place. I will have to go there one day if it is possible