Banda Aceh City from the Air

3년 전

The view of downtown Banda Aceh is visible from the air. Through the Super Puma helicopter, I photographed some photos of Baiturrahman Grand Mosque which is a city landmark. At that time the mosque was under of renovation.

I got a chance to get around town, join with Colonel Pnb Paminto, he is the leader of the air force at Sultan Iskandar Muda military air base, Aceh Besar.

This photo I took using Canon EOS 5D Markii + Canon EF24-70mm f/2.8L USM

Setting: 1/2500s|F 6.3|ISO 400|24 mm

Me @matajingga (left) and @budifatria (right). Photographed by Ucok, one of the air force military personnel

Thank you!
Saleum @matajingga

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Awesome Cityscape :)


Thanks a lot @nehab I’m glad you like it :)


my pleasure :)

Is it Indonesia?


You know Aceh?


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