Steem's Best Classical Music Roundup [Issue #38]

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Finding and sharing
the best classical music content
on the Steem blockchain!

September 15, 2018: In this issue:

  1. What's new and important?
  2. Thank you to our delegators
  3. Roundup issue #38

For more information about this project, please see our post: Steemit's Best Classical Music: Finding and sharing the best classical music content on steemit!

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1. What's new and important?

  • In recognition of the cambrian explosion of newly emerging sites on the Steem blockchain, we have changed the name of our Facebook page from Steemit's Best Classical Music to Steem's Best Classical Music.

2. Thank you to our delegators

We spend numerous hours each week voting to support quality authors in the classical music topic area. That support is enhanced by delegations from @alexworld, @cmp2020, @remlaps, and the sister account.

We welcome additional delegations to help build the community!

3. Roundup issue #38

In the time since our last roundup post, we have shared 12 posts from the categories that we monitor on the Steem's Best Classical Music Facebook page. Here they are:

AuthorTitleLiquid Reward SharePost Image
@jackieobermeyerViolin Practice - Charles De Beriot Concerto in A minor1/11
@edmundocentenorVieni Creator Spiritus, 8va Sinfonia de Mahler, Gustavo Dudamel1/11
@snow.owlThe World of Hans Zimmer (Let's Meetup Steemians!)1/11
@jaystenbThe Difference Between The Violin And The Tuba1/11
@bengyCurating Music History: Last movement from "Jupiter" Symphony #41 (Mozart)1/11
@cmp2020A Study in the Style of a Chopin Nocturne (Original Experimental Composition)declined
@musicapoeticaAllemande composed by Jorn Boysen (Original composition)1/11
@cellomusic91Steemit Open Mic Week 87 - "See you again" by Cellomusic911/11
@guifaquettiSong of the day - "Concert for Piano in A minor, op. 16" by Edvard Grieg (1843 - 1907)[En - Pt]1/11
@katharsisdrillCarl Nielsen's fifth symphony1/11
@flautistaCarl Philipp Emanuel Bach - Flute Concerto in D minor Wq. 221/11
@somtowIndian children's choir sings Enya1/11

Each author will receive a proportional share of this roundup post's liquid author rewards (Steem and SBD, not SteemPower).

note: Although we don't currently envision changing this practice, this reward sharing distribution is subject to change without notice, at our sole discretion.

Learn more about us!

Find more information here: Steemit's Best Classical Music: Finding and sharing the best classical music content on steemit!

Thank you for your continued support and for taking the time to view this post!


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