Steemit's Best Classical Music: Finding and sharing the best classical music content on steemit!

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Finding and sharing the best classical music content on steemit!


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In order to remove redundant text from our periodic roundup posts, this post is being created to describe who we are and what we do. Future roundup posts will be limited to the curation content and timely information. Each roundup post will link here for more information.

So, without further adieu, we reintroduce Steemit's Best Classical Music and @classical-music.

What is this initiative?

We launched our Facebook page, Steemit's Best Classical Music, in April 2017 in order to introduce the classical music community on Facebook to In support of that effort, we are monitoring Steemit's classical music content and using our Facebook page to share the best posts that we find.

Although it generates no rewards, the point of this activity is to raise steemit awareness and visibility among people on facebook who share an interest in classical music.

Additionally, to bring further attention to the best articles and authors that we find, in June of 2017 we created the @classical-music account, delegated some steempower to it, began sharing periodic roundup articles here on steemit and began voting to support authors in the genre.

At the time, it wasn't uncommon for weeks to pass with no classical music posts (aside from some lonely posts by one of our founders, @cmp2020). Throughout 2017 and into 2018, the #classical-music category was growing slowly, and it really took off when @bengy, @musicapoetica, and @classical-radio joined in with some ultra-high energy support for the category. @bengy even created the Classical Music discord group. Now it is unusual for even a single day to go by without several posts in #classical-music, and as @bengy noted recently, compared to other tags the category has an amazingly high ratio of quality content / spam.

Finally, earlier in 2018, we began funding occasional Facebook ads in order to bring our Steemit authors some more visibility. We'll be running two Facebook promotions during August.

With the recent arrival of @classical-radio, our future efforts will be focusing more on curating articles that have already passed their payout dates so that the two accounts aren't posting redundant and overlapping content.

Our innovations

I'd like to point out that this may have been the first Steem curation account that made use of three different innovations:

  • Facebook-first sharing of curated articles in an effort to bring eyeballs and investors to steemit.
  • Sharing the liquid rewards from all of our curation posts with the authors that we highlight.
  • Enabling authors to receive additional reward shares from articles that have already passed their payout dates on the Steem blockchain.

The following sections will describe the things we look for when deciding what to share on facebook and how the Steemit ecosphere can help us to succeed in our effort to build a thriving #classical-music community.

Sharing guidelines

Standards for sharing are subjective, but here are some guidelines to show the kinds of the things that we look for:

  • Original steem blockchain content
  • Attractive formatting
  • Well written grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.
  • Roughly 500 to 2,000 words in length
  • English language text (Sorry, that's the only language we know.)
  • Supplementary video embeds from other platforms - such as youtube - are encouraged when accompanied by original steem block chain content.
  • Word length expectations will be relaxed for videos of original performances or compositions by the steemit author.
  • Sharing of articles by a single author will be limited to one or two per week.
  • If the "heart of the post" is made up of audio or video content, it should be accessible by embedded media in the post with decent load times on (because this may be our Facebook audience's first exposure to Steem, we're not likely to share media from sites that require the viewer to click through to another site)

How you can help.

This initiative is intended to promote steemit, and to strengthen the classical music ecosystem here, so if you share these goals we would appreciate your support! Here are some ways you can help:

  • Follow our steemauto curation trail.
  • Contribute your own original content about classical music to the steem block chain. Use the "classical-music" hashtag or category.
  • If you have a facebook account, "Like" the Steemit's Best Classical Music Facebook page, and adjust the settings to see all of our posts.
  • Reshare articles from our facebook page with your facebook friends.
  • Resteem our roundup articles.
  • Use your upvotes to support the authors of articles that we find and share.
  • Let us know if there are any articles that we have overlooked.
  • Delegate steempower to the @classical-music account to give weight to our votes for authors of classical content.
  • This is a user driven initiative with no whale support, and we're making it up as we go, so we enthusiastically welcome your ideas.

Thank you for your continued support and for taking the time to view this post!


Please visit the Steemit's Best Classical Music Facebook page and share our links to let classical music enthusiasts on facebook know about our little community here on the Steem block chain.
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