Steemit's Best Classical Music Roundup [Issue #20]

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Finding and sharing the best classical music content on steemit!

Feb 18,2018: In this issue:

  1. What's new and important?
  2. Roundup issue #20
  3. Metrics
  4. What is this initiative?
  5. How you can help
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1. What's new and important?

  • Sorry for the interruption in posting, but a family obligation has made it difficult to keep up. Fortunately, @bengy is picking up the slack by adding another curation service to the #classical-music mix! We support this effort and welcome the contribution.

  • A request to content creators: I spend a great deal of time trying to chase down the rights for the original videos that people share here. It's not always easy because the same person might have a different name on their web page and yet another name on their youtube channel. I may not always get it right, but I try. I really don't want to accidentally give someone else credit for your work. The easier you make it for me to verify that you are the original creator, the more likely you are to get shared on Facebook and included in our Roundup post. One way to make it easy to verify is to link to your steemit profile from the description of your youtube video, and to add a note about licensing in the video description. Also, if an item has already been posted elsewhere on the web, when you repost, please describe your relationship with the original content.

  • We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of the content creators who are helping the #classical-music related posting genres to grow on steemit.

  • We would also like to express our gratitude to our Facebook audience for sharing and "Liking" our posts to help raise steemit awareness around the classical music community on facebook.

  • Being from Philadelphia, we have to congratulate the Philadelphia Eagles for their Super Bowl win. Here's the Philadelphia Orchestra playing "Fly Eagles Fly!" I was fortunate to see them perform the same piece live with @cmp2020 and @astronomyizfun when we attended a performance of Beethoven's 5th Symphony on the night before the game.

2. Roundup issue #20

In the time since our last roundup post, we have shared 11 posts from the categories that we monitor on the Steemit's Best Classical Music Facebook page.

Here are the articles that we shared on Facebook.

AuthorTitlePotential Payout DateReward Sharing Potential
@cmp20207 Tragic Songs by Franz Schubert YOU should Listen to this Weekpasseddeclined
@benleemusicLast night my video about Steemit went VIRAL on Facebook - and got Jon Cryer tweeting about Steemit!passed1/8
@sbrukhVerdigris Ensemble - Becoming Alive: A Photo Tour of Our First Concertpassed1/8
@monadnockMusic Appreciation & Contextspassed1/8
@mateonav53Unconventional Piano Technique with Hauschkapassed1/8
@somtowSight-reading Star Warspassed1/8
@katharsisdrillDido's Lament...passed1/8
@morodieneHow to Create Music with Virtual Voices and Instruments: Danse Macabrepassed1/8
@cmp2020Happy Birthday to Mozart (@ned's favorite composer)passeddeclined
@musicapoeticaMusica Poetica comes to Steemitpassed1/8
@cmp2020Superbowl Collusion?passeddeclined

As with our previous roundup posts, each of these authors will receive a proportional share of this roundup post's liquid author rewards (Steem and SBD, not SteemPower).

note: Although we don't currently envision changing this practice, this reward distribution is subject to change without notice, at our sole discretion.

3. Metrics

This section contains some metrics that we will be tracking as time goes on.

DateSteemit Followers# posts in monitored categories, last 7 daysFB LikesFB Reach
Aug 26, 201763373092
Sep 23, 20178941341
Sep 28, 201793223482
Oct 22, 2017101213343
Jan 2, 2018120273722
Jan 8, 2018123353831
Jan 14, 2018130353910
Feb 18, 2018150xx518

xx - Because steemsql is now a paid service, I no longer have access to the data I was using to collect the "# posts in monitored categories" metrics. When time allows, I'll switch to using steem-python to collect this data. This may not be soon.

4. What is this initiative?

To introduce the wider community to, we have launched the facebook page, Steemit's Best Classical Music, and we are monitoring a number of classical music related categories (and others) on steemit. We share the best posts that we find about classical music on our facebook page.

The point of this is to raise steemit awareness and visibility among people on facebook who share an interest in classical music. Additionally, to bring additional attention to the best articles and authors that we find, we recently began sharing periodic roundup articles here on steemit.

Sharing guidelines

Standards for sharing are subjective, but here are some guidelines to show the kinds of the things that we look for:

  • Original steem blockchain content
  • Attractive formatting
  • Well written grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.
  • Roughly 500 to 2,000 words in length
  • English language text (Sorry, that's the only one we know.)
  • Supplementary video embeds from other platforms - such as youtube - are encouraged when accompanied by original steem block chain content.
  • Word length expectations will be relaxed for videos of original performances or compositions by the steemit author.
  • Sharing of articles by a single author will be limited to one or two per week.
  • To avoid spamming our facebook audience, sharing on facebook will generally be limited to one or two posts per day.

5. How you can help.

This initiative is intended to promote steemit, and to strengthen the classical music ecosystem here, so if you share these goals we would appreciate your support! Here are some ways you can help:

  • Contribute your own original content about classical music to the steem block chain.
  • If you have a facebook account, "Like" the Steemit's Best Classical Music Facebook page, and adjust the settings to see all of our posts.
  • Reshare articles from our facebook page with your facebook friends.
  • Resteem our roundup articles.
  • Use your upvotes to support the authors of articles that we find and share.
  • Let us know if there are any articles that we have overlooked.
  • Delegate steempower to the @classical-music account to give weight to our votes for authors of classical content.
  • Follow the @classical-music curation trail through
  • This is a user driven initiative with no whale support, and we're making it up as we go, so we enthusiastically welcome your ideas.

Thank you for your continued support and for taking the time to view this post!


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Welcome back! It's good to have the founder of the tag back in action!

By the way, I think that streemian is on the out since you've been gone. Lots of curating trails have switched to steemauto.


Thanks. I knew that Streemian had been having trouble with RSS since the January 6 API change, but I didn't know that their voting service was having trouible too, and I hadn't heard of steemauto. I'll check it out.

Woah I had no idea one of mine got shared, thanks so much! I'll start sharing some more classical.


Don't forget to use the #classical-music tag!


Upvoting; thanks for the mention of my music theory blog as well!

Super to have you back again!