A Year of Seeing

5개월 전

This is a short improvisation that I did to reflect back on the past year, and set forth my intentions for the next year.

The piece opens in C Major, and then transitions to A Major. This is significant, because the normal relationship of A to C in a C Major context is for A to center itself into C Major's relative minor (a minor).

It is my intention, in the coming year to take what should be devastating failures, and turn them into a golden future. I do not believe that I can do this. But I do believe that if I put God first and trust in Him, He will do it. So this coming year, I renew my dedication to listening to God's small still voice, and it is my intention to live righteously before Him and those He places in my path.

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Beautiful music. And of course you can :)
Following you so I don't miss your improvisations again. Happy New Year!


I appreciate that!

Beautiful. You should post more of these, and more frequently.

Have you ever analyzed your improvisations afterwards to try to structure them, or use parts from them, to develop them further? Because there is gold material in this one.

Keep your chin up and keep up playing - this is rare to see on this platform!


Thanks! Great to meet a fellow composer.

I stopped writing music when I graduated undergrad. I do listen to my own music, but I don't perform any sort of theoretical analysis. I rely on my unconscious to find new harmonic, melodic, and polyphonic trajectories, and when I listen to my own music, it helps me to not repeat myself too much.

I think this is probably my best recent one:

Do you ever post your music here? I didn't see any of your stuff on your feed.


I might use some bits and pieces from "Year of Seeing" (with your permission of course) to maybe try and develop the ideas further.

I haven't posted any of my existing music here, and I am not sure that I will. There are too many people involved in the recordings to be worth the hassle. I take copyright and musicians' rights quite seriously (anything less would be pretty stupid since I am one myself), which makes me very hesitant to post any performances from the past.

I do have some new music in mind though, which I will definitely post when I get around to recording.

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